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aliens have visited Area 51 since 15/5/98.

Welcome to Area 51! I finally got rid of the "new and improved" Area 51, as it didn't "feel" like Area 51, with all the whiteness and easy to readness. This page contains links to all the sites I've created, and also to the cream of the virtual crop, sites which I think are worth there size in gold. Some "new" words are being unleashed on the world through this site these are:

pash - means rubbish
flange - (used in description of a person) means a fool
weiner - I know it means hot dog, but it can also mean a fool (e.g. What a weiner) and made a mess of it (e.g. You've weinered that one!)
fange - (used in description of just about anything) e.g. What the fange?!?!?

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