About Young Yarn User Magazine


Young Yarn User magazine is published by The Knitting and Crochet Guild. It is produced for young people - and the young at heart. Each issue is packed with ideas for projects, and comes with a freebie - usually small kits and materials - to help readers to get started right away! Beginners can tackle the basic versions, and there's always an opportunity to embellish or add to simple items, if you're an 'old hand.'

An open mind and a bit of imagination can lead to making exciting things from everyday materials. Pocket money budgets are definitely catered for here - but 'economical' needn't mean 'cheap and tacky', as you'll soon see.

Many different textile techniques are used: felt-making, hand-spinning, knitting, braiding, crochet, weaving, and some sewing and knotting, but there's no need for lots of complicated or expensive equipment, and finding what you do need, by a bit of clever shopping around, can be great fun, too.

Recent 'things to make' have included mobiles, wall-hangings, toys, gifts, wearables, Christmas cards and decorations, accessories for yourself and your room, and loads more including jokes and 'fun-to-do' puzzles. There's something for everyone.

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A 'typical' YYU reader might be a novice or someone who makes a living from working with textiles, an eight-year old or a grandparent. In fact, someone like YOU!

This site does not belong to the Knitting and Crochet Guild, but is run voluntarily by some Young Yarn User readers who wish to share and exchange ideas, inspiration and tips with other interested people.

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