IBM/RS6000 and AIX

Web sites

Site addresses may change! Some found in AIX Version 4, McGraw-Hill, by James DeRoest. This document can be found at

General Product Information

RS/6000 Welcome page Product Marketing
IBM Austin - Hardware and software products
IBM Direct - Product ordering
IBM Link - Product announcements and press releases
RS Magazine - Virtual magazine.

General Support Information

AIX Customer Service - Maintenance and fix information
IBM Solution Developer Support - Archives and technical information
Support - Search and general Tech Support
AIX documentation -online

AIX Software Archive - FTP site to download shareware
Honeywell Bull - Technical Support, search pages (search for 'rs6000' and/or 'aix')

AU14U material reference

Firmware and booting Error codes These are machine specific, therefore view the supplied AIX Messages Guide and Reference, the Service Guide or
Web System Manager
On line documentation
Tape systems

Newsgroups, certification, and mail lists

General discussion groups. Search for AIX
Newsgroups comp.unix.aix*
AIX Certification
Examination 'help' site
To help with certification, look at the Redbooks. Search for SG24-5129-00, the file is a 4.5MB pdf

Also remember the search engines, like AltaVista, Lycos, Copernic etc.


Make sure that you don't violate your company's policy in putting downloaded files on their systems!

Monitor - system monitor and drill down through the directories to find the source and binary file for your version of AIX
Pico - an alternative editor (ascii)

Other Documentation

Redbooks - On line reference library


Essential System Administration O. Reilly & Assoc Aeleen Frisch ISBN 1-56592-127-5 22.00
Learning the Korn Shell O. Reilly & Assoc Bill Rosenblatt ISBN 1-56592-054-1 22.00
The AIX Survival Guide, Addison-Wesley Andreas Siegart, ISBN 0-201-59388-2
AIX Version 4 McGraw-Hill James DeRoest ISBN 0-07-036688-8  33.95
AIX Update Xephon
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