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This is a webby page rekreation of our first demo, the megamighte 'Bud teh Chud in Ascii Minor', wich won first prise in its kattegory at the Eror in Lien Party. (first place out off one entrie, but its the thort that counts!)

I'l explane bit by byte, with piccies, wot is hapening, and how we came to do this stuffs.

Furstly, you might liek som tech stuff about this demmo, what it was maed upon, and wot it runnes on too.

Some genneral Noets!.

Bud teh Chud was maed mostly on an Atari Falcon, using tool such as Everest, teh surprem text editor on Arati. Wee got the idea in summer 2002, but the bulk of teh wurk was doen in the erly part of 2003. The demo was shewn at the Eror in line Atari coding parrty in Easter 2003.

Appart from the works put in by the Dildo Fatwa team membres, we wuld also like to thank Mr Punk of the Reservior Bogs for his verry usefull imput!

The demo is capable of running on almost anny 68000-based Atari machine, but it is really hapiest on a 16 mhz 68030 based Atari Falcon. Most things below that are a bit slow, and anythin above that is a bit fast.

Most asci is the standard thing rekognised on 99% of known texteditors, but some karacters used are very non-standard Atari own formatts, hence the idea to use screengrabes, rather than straight ascii's.

The Skreengrabbes!

Thee pre-kalc sequenz was rescuud from a dude called CiH, who did a brilient asci commic called 'Asci Nation' a kopple of years ago. He agreid to lend som of his karacters to this produktion, at leats I thort he did? On the right hand sied is a litle bit of the title sequenze, put there at the sugestion of Ferlease, I think.

These next two screan kaptures are from the 'fuji-fade' bit of the demmo. Sort of an asci tribbute to the erly years of Atari!

At last, wee shew a mugshot of the graet Chud himself. Not to bad a resemblence if i sai so myself. And on the right hande side, our atempt at doing wibbly raster bars in ascii!
That CiH dude is relly cool, alwais lending us stuff for the demmo. This tiem, it was his second prise entry to the asci art kompetition at Eror in Line. On the other sied of that, is part of a sycho-kenetic flashing anim bit, modeled on wot we think Pongo wil look liek when he is ded!

The 'Shado of the Chud' screen was one of our favrites of the whol demo. It was inspiried as an auntie-war prowtest measure aganst the USA atack on Irak! To its right ar some Asci styleed meta-blob stuffs.

Off cours, our loverly mug shots wer in the demmo. Rumor sais that they were modeled on police wannted posters! And oon the right, a boring traddition of demos from whey bak when is included, with the ever present greetz screen!

These ar the furst two bits of the kulminating moments of the demo, the 'Lost Chud' sequenz, based on 'Lost Blub' demo by Austrien deceased coding wizrds Laser. Not a badd resemblence, yu might aggree!

Last bit of 'Lost Chud', and also the final bit of the demo, or is it?!?!