Bee afriad, be verry Afriad!

It wass only a mater of time before we wer let looze on the fabuloso World wide Webby, and so it has cum to pass..

(Ahem!) This is Charcole of the mega mightee fake demmo crew Dildo Fatwa speking here. For those of yu who havennt met us befor, we are the premeir ascii specializt fake demo crew on Atari 16/32 bit serious of computers, namely the Arati ST and Ararti Falcon!

Wee first came to teh notice of the Atari demmo scene at the supurb Eror in Line part 3 demo convention at Dresden, Gerrmany, in Easter 2003, with our superlaxative competitoin entree, the Bud teh Chud in Ascii Minor demo. But moer of that later, as thay say! Time foer a litle bit of information about us, ourselfes now..

Who ar Wee?!

Thee pickture on the left shows Ferlease and myselfe, and the picturre on the right reveals our other membre,Pongo Snodgrass, in al his awfull glory! A big clue as to who is whom might be taeken from the naem captions with the apropriete mugshot! The orijinals of these can be seen in the demo itself.

To lern moer about us, go to the interview done Right here!

Wot drives Uss?!

Wee wuld like to pai tribbute to the manny sources of inspiaration that made Dildo Fatwa posible. Such as thee great Atari Fake demmo crews of the past like the Senior Deads!

The Senior Deads, esp Old farte, Dodering Gitt, and Verra Lyn, gave the Atari demo comunity many classick demos, such as Anal Tuk, and that one, whose name I cant remember, but it had Johny Roten at the end. We were masivelly inspired by them to go on and do our things! It is a shaem that they seem to be livving up to their name, and are basicaly "dead"!

Other Atari Fake demo crews, such as 'Nunn', 'Ipeer', and 'Reservior Flogs' also gave us the idea to cary on this great tradition!

For the asci part, we have to thank CiH for his poineering works in wierd cartoon characters, and his time and webspace in hosting this cool websyte.

We also hav Bill Gaytes to inspire us, to do things toatally unlike him!

Bud teh Screengrab in Gif major!

You really really want to see whot we haf done? Well aks no moer, as heer is the (moer or les) compleet storie of Bud Teh Chud in screengrab form, for those peeple not lucky enouf to own an Atari ST or Falcon, or clever enougf to run an emulation of the same!

Go onn, yu kno yuo want to!

And once yu've seen that lot, why nott read about our Epik day-by-day strugle to maek the thing in the first place! The making of Bud teh Chud in our own wuirds!!

Bud teh Downlaod in Zipfeil disaster!

And If yur curioscity is still piqued, you can download the actual iteme from here! It wil run on Atari ST, Falcon, and compatibbles, including emullators on the Wintel PeeCee.

Look to teh Futur, its only just began!!

And hear wee ar agane! Our 2nd release as prommised!! (Jan '04)

This iss our Altered partie release, whic was shewn at Glorria in Helsinky on the 11th of jannurie! Wee think that our aurdience lieked it, but teh organnisers dident, ass they disqwalifid it becaus it wos not "Dienammic!" Ratses!!

The engine for this demmo has soem aditional fetures from Bud teh Chud, and not all of them haf been used yet! But as yu can se above, it does hav some non-ascii graphic displai capabilitie aded.

Yu will find that it runs on Atarii STe seriez beter than 'Bud teh Chud', infact, sepperate STe and Faclon versions ar avalabel, or a good ol emulater of these. Teh differences ar minimal, just a sloedown on teh Faclon version a bit.

Get 'em here!

We arr the champignons! Our Third demmo wins a furst priez in the Outlien Partie Wild Compo Shok Horor! (April '04)

Braekpoint '04 Invitro!

And just mere wekes after we released "Hillary Rosen", we spring bak to lief with our intro for the Easter 'Outline' Parrty, at Lievelde, NL. This sattire on a welknown PeeSee koeding party was so wel receeved, we wun first prieze in the Wild compo! Raaay! We ruul!

It nedes a Faclon '030 in its pressent form, to runn properly, but has bene tested okay on Faclon '060 aswell :-) It couldd be made to runn on an STe, but not a 1 meg machine without soem kuttes to the data :-(

From teh left, a verry rude and censored (for teh websiet) bit, wee sugest that under 18's should not luk on this demmo, withowt pareantil giidance! Thee right picky, a verry pressent hazzard of the tippical larger demmo partie!

Left, yu wil see alot of these peeople! Right, traynes and plaines and stuff!

You cann download it from teh usual plaice!

36ktro in last plaice outraige! We enter teh Dead Smackers Onlien compo!! (Dec '04)

Charcoal the Early Years!

Well it is the yeer end, and it hardley semes like yesterday when wee fuirst started out on the 'Bud teh Chud'. This is now our *4th* relapse, teh turd this year, and it lookes like wee are building up a fien boddy of work ("Boddy as in Korpse!" I here yu crie!)

Okay, heer we go, it is a few wekes to the dedline of the DHS online kompo, and Pongo thinsk that we can do soemthing to fit inside the 96k limmit. I, Charcoal, immediatly sieze upon an early part of my lieff story for inshpiration! This turns into a neat (wel wee think so!) animated cartoon strip-tease, which is a shorte sharpe parodey of an anti piracy campain. Infact, it fits so well within the 96k limmit, we reilly ought to think of caling it a 36ktro! Unfortunetelly, not manny of the atari voting publik agreid! How were wee beeten by Clockys Kat, and gWem Stefhanie, I dunno?!

Yu can see this running happily on anything from a baasic STe or suitable emmulation, right thru to my fancy CT60 boosted Faclon...

The titel screen, and Charcoal lurks in his den of warez to the right!

The Elspa Youth get lippy! But they get wot they deserve!!

Gett it here! (Just for a change, one file fits all machines..)

BONUS ITEM! - Komplete static vursion of teh strip in plaintext!

Elvis is Still Dead!

Heer it is, the verry long delaid Easter '05 compo entry demmo for the Outlien party, "Elvis is Still Dead!" It brakes with traddition to soem extent, as it uses a more 'multimeedia' aproach than the other demmos. It is also the first proddy with STe dma soundz. I might ad that it has bene tested on Faclon '030 and '060. I'm note to sure about how well it wurks on STe, but it does runne fine on emmulators like Hattari :-) I gues it will nede more than one meg ram as well.

From the left, the tietle screen, right, the crew in al their awfulnes!

Evil and Baggio banter on about the late Mr Elvis Aaron Preseley!

Also wee got cobbed for another interview with teh Allive diskmag! Now yu get to find out eeven moer of our deper seekrets!

And now, heers some of our Random thorts of Xmas!

Up above teh Stretes and Houzes!

Our furst for 2006, where we give yu a botom-burning parodee sliedshow of the "Rainbow" chilldrens tele-series. This is a bunch of grabbes from a chap caled James Chappman, who haz an even moer twistted view on lieff than wee do, if such a thing is posible?! He putes wurdes in teh mouthes of inocent pupets and stufed bears, which werent ther to begin with. Naughty man! So wee go and maek a lukewarme tribbute slideshowe of itt! This iss for no parrty, just a light rellief to brake up teh waite for Easter.

Note:- These imajes are beter quality than those that apear in the demmo!

From the left, the tietle screen, right, the crew in a new disguise!

Zippy revveals his dark sied, left, but George gets revenje by proxy on teh rieght!

Just to add a litel note which diddn't get in the readme file. Teh good newes is, that this wil run on an STe as wel as Faclon, akkording to our tests on Hatarri. Teh not so good news is, that you will need the ful 4 meg of ram. Of kourse, this is my testing, and yore own milage may vary.

We Dreme of Atari!

This is posibly our master wurk for teh standard Attari Falcon. 'We Dreme of Atari' is the klosest thing we aer likely to do, that lookes like a real demmo. It startted liefe as the intro for 'Elvis', but wee decided to put ite on ice, as it culd do for annother demmo. With a bit of expannsion, the results kan be sene here!

It is deffinitely a Faclon '030 demmo, or else a very memory phat STe, with at leest a 68020 booster kard. Or even soemthing like STEEM if you clock teh CPU up fairly high. It needes to be stanndard Faclon '030, as there are some nastie sonnic collisions off teh sampled soundtrak if you use an acelerator for the Falcy. Otherwize, wee think it lookes quite klassy!

It dident get too far in the Outloin '06 wild compo, only fifth plaice, but with not too manny points in it, we're not disapointed!

Ferlease Dremes of Atari! - Ferlease has nightmares!

Fuji ascii madness type thingy! - Sam Trammiel dances for our amuzement!

Damn, that was serriously odd! You'll want a downloady? Are yu shure?! ALright, heer it is!

Dildo Fatwa kills da Bootsekt0r!

And if al teh other shite we done was'nt enouf, wee mannaged an in-party prod, with a Dildo Fatwa Bootsector!

We have our newest membrer to thank for this, naemley a Gerrman penpall of Pongo's who sortof lieked what we werr doing, and waz inspirred to joine in. So saey a big "Hi!" to,

.' {@} '.
/ :.........: \
/== |\_________/| ==\
| / \ |
/__/ \__ __/ \__\
) ) (a_) (a_) ( (
\{ \ }/
( (__) ) Der Kaiser Cheeks!
' (_______/ '
\ /

Hmmm, I think we can spot a familial resemblance somewhere?!

I supose you want a coppy of this too?

This wurks diferently from teh rest, yu have to wriet it to the bootsecktor of an Atari formated flopy disk, or a diskimage from one of teh emmulators wil do. It wil runne on all hardware.

                                                                     Does Jade Have Tourettes?

Hie ho, and weer bak for 2007, Outlien 2007 to bee prescise, or at least soem of the teem membres are. Furst up, is soemthing uniquekue, an entree entierely self-made by Ferlease! This iss his sattirical take on teh recent 'Big Bruvver' toilet-mouthed Jade 'dog' Goodey and her rude wurds dirrected at another Big Bruver compettitor, Shillpa Jetty (i think that is howe her naem goes?)

This iss not in teh usual form of a shitey "demmo", but is done insted as a Wildkompo movie fiel. Heer's a skreengrabbe.

Niece one Ferlease! At least soemone is keping up teh Dilldo Fatwa pisspoor commedy entry traddition, even when I wassn't abel to make it to Outliene this year, (Grrr!)

Linky here,  as it is a bitofa beest in fielsize terms to hoste on ourr siete!

Sweary nasty big bruvva eppisode!

                                                D!ld0 F47w4 k!115 d4 b00753c70r II

Meenwhile, one of our otther members, the faboluous Kaizer Cheekes, has allso been doing some new stuf, or at leest a folow-up to the bootsektor proddy he did last yere.

And yu can get this one right heer! Don't forrget to instal it to a bootsecktor of an Attari flopy disk etc..

                                                               And what next??

So wot has hapened to all your other projecckts? You maye ask. Wel we havvent forgoten, there is a folow-up planned to teh fabbo "Elspa Youth" parodee intro for a relese later this yere. Pongo hass been doing soem muzik stuffs, a litle bit diferent to his ussual bleepes and burps, and with luk, wee may see soemthing of this laeter on as wel.

Finaly, if wee are verry lucky, one verry bigg surprize for 2007!

Want to knowe more? Wel I won't, as it wil spoill teh surprize!

...DF in 2007... 

                                                            Special Wee Wee!

The retturn of teh horible chilldren from teh ELSPA youth wass a projekt whic had bene intendead for some tiem beffore now. This waz based on anotther anty-pirract campain of teh lame sort from FAST whic presed all teh wrong butons for anyon with taeste and inteliggence. So heer it is, the 'Special Wee-Wee' demmo, maybee a bit slikker than teh first tiem, a beter tune from Pongo, and a few devvastatingley goode kommedy samples in the mixtur as wel.

Of al teh other idees we had for last yere, nothing realy caem off, we mai well surprize you over teh next 12 months, but lasst year, appart from Ferlease doing stuf, realy sukked!

Ther ar versions carfully taylored for STe and Faclon '030 bellow, and when I sai 'Faclon', I realy do mene stanndard '030 machiens! Ok, let's stop mummbling and get soem stuf on this page!

   Teh Gang arrent feling verry well todai!                                     Teh Evill teecher layes down his lawe!

   Soemthing  innteresting  abbout to go down?                             Nastie old teecher getes his juste dezzerts! 

Heares some downloady linkkes for yu all! Enjoi, whye not!

 Wee Wee on yur Falcon!

Wee Wee on youre STe!

                                          D!ld0 F47w4 k!115 d4 b00753c70r III

And juste to maeke a perrfect day even betere, our otther membre, Kaiser Chekes has come uppe with another of his leggendary bootsectres. (Leggendary as in legendarry canibal zomby atacks on Outlien parrtie!) Heer he is!


And heer is Mr Linky for teh bootsecktor!

Moer Goodeness in 512k!

Juste thort wee might menntion a coment from Cheeops on poo-et, whic maeks all of this worrthwile! Cheres maet, wehn arr y going to maek a newe ST demmo!

"You suck indeed :)

Not as much as BiTS / Beast Crew / Bits Club though."

Ok, thats us for this tiem arround! We'lle see wot wee can doo necxt. Hopefuly soemthingg diferent from beeforre, but hopefuly in teh saem bad taeste!

DF - May '08

(C) Dildo Fatwa (c) 2003-2006!