Yes, it's another bloody feline tribute page, how original, add another one to the eighty million of these, hasn't he got anything better to do with his spare time, etc. Well, no I haven't really at this moment! However, this page is dedicated to three cats I have known very well, two alive, and one dead. Anyway, there is more about them, and a little piccy of each of them below. Now read on..

CiH, started June 2000

NEW! - Dec 2003. Some substantial changes and additions, particularly the latter...


Fred was our first cat, and top of the list. He wouldn't have had it any other way himself (grin!) He would be very very old if he was alive today, but he died twelve years ago, so he isn't..

Hobbies:- Dominating other cats, fighting dogs (and winning!), extremely fast eating and puking it up on the lawn afterwards, impersonating clothing. (This was when he was very much older, and could be draped over the shoulders without protesting.) He got very trusting of people, and even let you cut his toenails!

Soundbite (If they could speak..) "Do you feel lucky punk? Well do you?!"

UPDATE:- The daffodil patch that he currently resides under has been removed, and the patio extended over it. This is presumably on the grounds that putting in a solid layer over the top of him, will prevent any unwanted zombie style resurrections disturbing an otherwise tranquil garden!?


Lucy is our current cat, and very happy about it.Unlike Fred, whom we had from a kitten, her early origins are shrouded in mystery. We adopted her from an elderly German couple who were returning to the Fatherland. They found her as a stray. We are pretty sure she had kittens in her early years, as a lot of her behaviour can be described as 'mothering'.

Hobbies:- Elegant posing, practical jokes, extreme tree climbing when younger, confusing your hand with a kitten and insisting on licking it. Enjoys attention seeking and the 'little madam' tag is well justified!

Soundbite:- "Look at me, aren't I a pretty girl!"

UPDATE:-She's added selective deafness (IE, Sharp as ever at dinner time!) and coughing up furballs to her list of things she likes to do.


6th May 2003, No longer with us, she faded away and died peacefully overnight on the 6th of May. She had a long and happy life, around fifteen years with us, added to the unknown number of years before, so at least she had a fair go at life.. You will be missed, with your attention-getting mannerisms and chirrupy purring...


Frankie is the cat of my (ex) girlfriend, and obviously played a large part in my life for a while. I'm still on good terms and in regular contact with both of them! He is a Norwegian Forest cat, one of the largest (and hairiest!) domesticated breeds. Although they aren't really visible in the photo, he also has Lynx-like tufts on the end of his ears. His general demeanour can be best described as "overgrown kitten!"

Hobbies:- Huge spontaneous displays of affection which suddenly combine with mad gnawing attacks, sock hunting, lap annexation, furniture climbing, looking sheepish when caught.

Soundbite:- "My face is full of mischief, take heed!"

UPDATE:- I'm back together with the girlfriend, but Frankie went to live elsewhere. We are still in touch with him through the dubious medium of cat litter!


After the unfortunate but not totally unexpected demise of Lucy, a replacement wasn't too long in following. In fact, what my parents ended up with were *two* replacement cats!

These are 'Molly' and 'Chloe' respectively. Molly is a large and lumpen classic black shorthair with an outgoing personality overshadowed by a huge appetite. Chloe is the more timid of the two, and is a white/tabby patterned cat, with a small goatee beard! She is getting more confident and trustful of people, in other words, learning she is on to a good thing there!

Hobbies:- They are in winter mode at the moment, so mainly do the hibernation thing, but they do chase each other around the house, and gather, like the backstage area of a feline version of West Side Story, when any food is to hand...

Soundbite:- Said of Molly - "Is that cat pregnant?!"