CiH (smallish) World of Links!

This is a far from definitive collection, sorted in no particular order, apart from what my brain subconsciously imposed, within the categories below. Hopefully this is up to date, but almost certainly, links will start dying soon, like the fragile grumbleweed flower buckling under the first Autumn frosts or something.

Last updated, Sept 2006. This is a HUGE Clearout, and there are plenty of newer things, and some new sections such as retro computer music as well..

Atari ST/Falcon related stuff:

The Dead Hackers Society
- The premier Atari 16/32 bit Demoscene community site and BBS. This is my usual first visit

Atari Org
- The main news and resource site for all flavours of Atari.

Atari news updated every hour of the day
- A useful collection of Atari related sites and forum links

- Another high quality Atari news site, with several excellent satellite sites
included for no extra charge! Check out 'Gem Candy' in particular.

Cheek Atari
- Regularly updated news headlines, condensed from all parts of the Atari scene

Atari Forums
- Atari related newsgroups with a very wide range of sub-forums.

STeem emulator!
- The first stop for emulation resources for your favourite MC68k computer.

The Pink Pages
- The Reservoir Gods, a UK based cool Atari games genius's pages! Get the
Atari ST version of Chuchu Rocket, among other stuffs from here. (Yes really!)

The WWW page of Mario Becroft
- A New Zealand based hardware genius. (No longer active.)

Czuba Tech
- A French hardware guru, creator of the mighty CT60!

Nature Homepage
- A cool Swedish game and utilities making crew who never quite get
around to finishing stuff. Currently working on 'Supervidel' hardware.

The Cream HQ
- Top quality Atari demos and music. Another one that releases once
every ice age, but it's so good when they do!

New Beat Home Pages
- High quality music-making utilities and really nice things. Occasionally ;-)

Sector One
- A top French group, the home of the mighty FalcAMP Atari MP3 player.

- Replacement for the Lunatic Asylum pages, find out what Paranoid and
company are up to these days

Paradize Homepage
- New and expanded website for the Paradize computing crew.

- Demo crew mainly working on the higher end Atari's, such as CT60.

The Escape Website
- The creators of Whip! Escape Paint, and the awesome 'Hmmm Demo'.
Need I say any more?

The Atari Shack
- An extensive Atari freeware games resource.maintained by mad Matt Smith!

Atari STE fanpage
- A fairly new but growing resource for the Atari STe series.

FlaySID Home Page
- Great C64 SID Music player by David Carrere. Maybe an update sometime?

Aniplayer Home Page
- Didier Mequignon's fantastic multi-format and multimedia player for Atari
computers. Mp3 music, movies of various kinds, and more!

16/32 Systems
- Useful UK-based Atari retro shoppe, and the home of Jagfest.

Highwire Atari web browser
- Finally, a fantastic replacement browser for the Atari TOS platform,
will offer 'modern' features when it is done, updates fairly frequently.

Atari Disk Mags:

Maggie back issues.
- A complete back issues archive of the Diskzine phenomonen that was Maggie.
Courtesy of those wonderful Reservoir Gods people.

Alive! Magazine site
- The rather nice Atari diskmag that I currently co-edit.

MyAtari Net
- My Atari Web - An ultra-modern slick Atari themed webzine.

Undercover Magascene
- UCM mag, available as a diskmag and also online in a webby version. Does the sort of
thing we do, but from the unique perspective of Moondog!

Chosneck Mag
- Online web version of the excellent Chosneck diskmag. English language with a Polski

General Computing and Demoscene Stuff:

The Fishpool Blog
- The former home of the Alternative Party site, some of the people concerned now blog in a
reflective and melancholic fashion on the bones of the old site.
- Scene community site, for the wider demoscene. Not to mention the *wilder* demoscene!
- The centre of things for the mainstream demo scene, or the 'straight' version of Pouet!

- A useful pictorial companion to and, mugshots and embarrassing party
pictures of well-known, and soon to be well-known demoscene personalities!

Emuscene (Mac)
- A very useful site for updates on emulators for use with the Apple Mac.

Pure Mac
- A fantastic one-stop site for news of all Mac software updates!

Hugi, World of Zine
- (In)famous PeeCee diskmag, I have done some writings for it.

Retro Computing Stuff:

Binary Dinosaurs - Home Computing History
- A very nice computer museum, constantly being added to, with great descriptions and a
humongous wealth of material!

32-bit Acorn Gaming
- Acorn Archimedes and Risc computer games resources. (Not been updated since 2003).

Atari XL/XE Games And Demos Page
- Resources for the superb Atari 8-bit series and emulators.

Ian Bell's 'Elite' Pages
- Everything you need to know about this legendary space trading game!

Zogging Hell!
- Another themed retro site, lots of different and less well known machines here.

Enterprise One Two Eight
- Currently the definitive resource site for the Enterprise 64/128 computer, (Hungarian and
English language.)

Zilog Realms
- Homepage for the 'EP32' Enterprise 128 emulator (Windows only.)

Z80 Museum
- Another good resource area for the Enterprise, but Hungarian only!

Retro Computing Music Section:

The High Voltage SID Collection
- The ultimate Commodore 64 music collection.

- The place for retro-computer themed artistes and their music.

- Internet radio for the demoscene, anything from ZX Spectrum to PeeCee .XM multichannel stuff.

- A more retro sound-chip flavoured internet radio site. 

Art of Noise
- The famous C64 musicians homepage, lots of downloadable tunes, a very nice site.

- An online collection of old modfile and soundchip music in several different formats.

The Gareth Morris Web Experience!
- gwEm's homepage! One of the best retro style soundchip musicians out there.

 The Weird and Miscellaneous:

Cruel Site of the Day
- Weirdness central, go there today if you are really bored!

C'est Need To Know!
- Otherwise known as NTK Know, a UK-based news and sarcasm provider!

Landover Baptist: America's Favorite Church
- Tedious American religion sent up beautifully!

Godawful Fan Fiction
- Bad fanfic site for people who like science fiction, but can't write...

ZZ9, The official HHGG Society.
- The official Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy fan site.

The Debunkers Domain!
- A huge web resource for the unbeliever and general sceptic!
- Things that go bang and general shooty-death mayhem. Quite an informative site
if you are into that sort of thing. It has a fairly US-biased viewpoint.

2000 AD Review - 2000AD Comic reviews, news and more
- A great non-official site commemorating cult sci-fi comic '2000AD'. In-depth reviews of
current issues regularly updated.

- Huge world of retro comics!
- See your friends on a map, on satellite images, then point the Death Star at them! Atari scene
people are represented on here.

- A bad place to go, if you're an information junkie, once you click, you just can't stop!

Weebls Stuff
- The home of Badger Badger, and lots of other flash-based cartoon madness.

The Meme Machine
- By Martin Willet, offers a robust viewpoint on many subjects, especially religion.