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    The Helford River.

The Helford is probably one of the most unspoilt rivers in Cornwall. Much of the banks are covered in ancient oak forests and the deep sheltered valleys allow subtropical plants to flourish protected from frost by the mild climate and the warming effect of the sea. It is a beautiful and peaceful area where you can escape the pressures of modern life and work and recharge your batteries.

After the Loe Bar was formed at the mouth of the Cober, Gweek at the end of the Helford became the main port of Helston and much of the tin mined in the local area was shipped from here. The area prospered and many fine houses were built in this period. Late in the last century the discovery of new and cheaper deposits of tin in Malaya and Australia caused the Cornish mining industry to collapse leading to poverty and starvation. The Cornish emigrated in their masses to mining areas of the new world and many of them sailed from the Helford. It is often said that if you find a hole anywhere in the world there will be a Cornishman at the bottom of it. Today the Helford is a haven for the rich but still can be enjoyed by all.

Helford River

Frenchman's Creek


The roads in the area are often no better than single track lanes but this only enhances the charm of the river, as drivers are forced to slow down and show courtesy and consideration for other road users. No "Road Rage" here.

Frenchman's Creek (shown left) inspired the author Daphne DuMaurier to write her romantic novel of the same name. Viewed in the early morning light with a sea mist hanging over the still water you can understand why. Explore the lanes and visit the gardens - you will not be disappointed.

Places to visit : Gweek, Port Navas, Helford Passage, Mawgan Helford and St Anthony.

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