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Pentium Multi Media Systems

Our systems can be custom built to your own specifications. However we already have pre made systems. Below is a typical Computer X Roads Pentium PC.

  • Intel Pentium Processor (75Mhz - 200Mhz)

  • 512k Pipeline Cache

  • Intel 437VX Explorer II Chipset(MMX Ready)

  • 16 Mbytes EDO Ram

  • Seagate 1.28 Gbytes Hard Disk

  • Cirrus Logic 5446 64 Bit PCI Graphics Card

  • 8 Speed IDE CD ROM

  • Mini Tower(5 Bays) Or Desktop (7 Bays) Case

  • 1.44 Floppy Disk Drive

  • Crystal (Cirrus Logic) CS4236-3 3d Soundcard

  • 50 Watt Active Speakers

  • 14" AOC SVGA Monitor (1024x768@72Hz)

  • Windows 95 Keyboard

  • Serial Mouse

  • Windows 95 On CD (With Manual)

Connect To The World

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