Different Worlds: The Leslie Smith Family

Agnes Leslie (1777-1869) & James Smith (1776-1863)

By the time he wrote his will in 1862, James Smith had lands at Radernie in Fife. As indicated on the page about his father-in-law, Robert Leslie, he married one of Robert's daughters, Agnes Leslie. In his will, James refers to four sons and two daughters:

Read about James Smith's will (includes a complete transcript).

Again, the family tree and subsequent research online has provided us with much more information about these people, and about Agnes' and James' family.

Agnes Leslie and James Smith married in Cameron parish in Fife on 26 July 1805. It is possible that they were related, and so may have known each other for most of their lives (see Note 1 below). They had six children, all born in Cameron parish in Fife:

Memorial stone for William Anderson and Marion Smith, in old Crail churchyard

Agnes Leslie and James Smith, and their daughter, Agnes Leslie Smith, are commemorated with a stone in Cameron Parish churchyard. It is one of the group of three stones which refer to Ann Malcolm (possible first wife of Agnes' father - see the page on Robert Leslie and Agnes Henderson for more details), and Robert Leslie and Ann Leslie, Agnes' brother and sister.

Gravestone in memory of Agnes Leslie and James Smith, in Cameron parish churchyard. The inscription on the stone reads:

In Memory of
Feuar Radernie born 21st May 1776
died 7th March 1763
his spouse born 11th Sept 1777
died 8th April 1869
Erected by their children.
their daughter born 2nd July 1806
died 20th April 1902

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  1. The 1931 family tree indicates that Agnes Leslie and James Smith are related. Agnes' grandfather is shown as being the brother of James grandfather. The following table shows the relationship.

    David Leslie marries Janet Crumbie (unsure) Possible great-grandparents of both Agnes Leslie and James Smith.
    David and Janet's son, Robert Leslie, marries Elizabeth Honeyman (unsure) David and Janet's son, David Leslie, marries Isabell Adamson Robert and David Leslie are brothers.
    Robert and Elizabeth's son, Robert Leslie, marries Agnes Henderson David and Isabell's daughter, Marion Leslie, marries David Smith Robert Leslie and Marion Leslie are cousins.
    Robert and Agnes' daughter, Agnes Leslie, marries James Smith Marion and David's son, James Smith, marries Agnes Leslie I think that makes Agnes Leslie and James Smith second cousins.

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  2. According to the 1931 family tree which we recently recovered, William Anderson and Marion Smith were related. Marion's grandmother is shown as being the sister of William's grandmother. The following table shows the relationship.

    David Leslie marries Isabell Adamson Possible great-grandparents of both Marion Smith and William Anderson (junior).
    David and Isabell's daughter, Marion Leslie, marries David Smith David and Isabell's daughter, Jennet Leslie, marries George Jervis Marion and Jennet Leslie are sisters.
    Marion and David's son, James Smith, marries Agnes Leslie Jennet and George's daughter, Marion Jervis, marries William Anderson (senior) James Smith and Marion Jervis are cousins.
    James and Agnes' daughter, Marion Smith, marries William Anderson (junior) Marion and William's son, William Anderson (junior), marries Marion Smith I think that makes Marion Smith and William Anderson second cousins.

    Gravestone in memory of Jennet Lesly, in Cameron parish churchyard. The only problem with this is that I can't find anything definite about Jennet Leslie except that she did exist - there is a very faded and worn stone set into the wall of Cameron Parish Churchyard which once read:

    "G.J J.L T.J / Her lys befor this ston / the dust of Jennet Lesly / laful spous to George / Jarvis Fewer in Radernie / who departed this life / April ye 8 1771 aged 48 / David Jervis her son 3 / years & Margrat Jervis aged 6 yrs / Thomas Jervis ??? in Muirside / Husband to Euphan Trail who / departed this life (Apr? Sept?) the 13 1757 / aged 43"

    Note: This transcription is from the old family tree, since, when we visited Cameron in Autumn 2002, this stone was so worn that it was impossible to read more than a few words.

    I've been unable to trace anything further about Jennet, and nothing so far that would tie her in with "our" Leslie family. I can find records of other children born to David Leslie and Isabell Adamson, but no Jennet or Janet. Nor have I been able to trace anything definite regarding a daughter of Jennet and George marrying William Anderson in Kingsbarns. Lots of possibles and maybes, but nothing that you can tie down. So the relationship between Marion Smith and her husband William Anderson remains a "maybe" for now, until we uncover any further information to prove or disprove it.

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