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The completed model
Full size version (37K)

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This model was designed after a die-cast "Siku" toy (like Matchbox). Scale decision was made according to the available track (3cm wide). As can be seen from the diagrams, there are 6 independent drives, one for each track, one for rotation and three for the digging movements:

Gearing diagrams
Full size version (32K)

Most gearing details can be seen from the diagrams. The bucket is operated via a cord working against an extension spring.

Internal gearing
Full size version (96K)

Boom and digging arm are operated by strong motors (from the 1062 "mechanics" extension set). The other motions are driven by motor + gearbox from the 1007 robot set. As the 1062 motors are oversized, it is sufficient to feed them with half the nominal voltage; thus all motors get 6 volts.

Top view, open
Full size version (78K)

The turntable consists of a wheel (103650) with a ball bearing (2 x 11754 and 11758) neatly fitting inside, and a gear ring (109400, 40 teeth) outside. Unfortunately there is no central hole for wiring.

The switchboard is connected to the device by a 10-pole computer cable fitted with 9-pole sub-D plugs with their mass serving as 10th pole.

Front view
Full size version (53K)

A point for improvement is the drives for the digging arm: for significant forces the worm should be avoided, as it suffers from high friction. This is a general point: worm gears are inefficient. Everybody who has ever built the 1007 robot will have noticed the slow and weak operation due to the excessive use of worms. However, to avoid worms you have to allocate many gear pairs, a real challenge when space is limited. Nevertheless, the rotation drive performs well.

A second point I'm not content with is the bucket drive. Probably a sort of bowden cable would be OK, but normal cycle brake cable is too stiff and thick for the chosen scale.

And finally, to give you an idea of scale:

The finished model, with small person
Full size version (48K)


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