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Candlelight Dinner for Two by Paul Dale
A table setting for an intimate dinner for two, with candelabra and glasses of the perfect red. Photographs and construction details.
Meccano Gearbox by Paul Dale
I will simply quote Paul's own description of this model:
"A fun model that might better be described as a box of gears arranged in a fairly convoluted manner. When set in motion it induces an almost hypnotic effect on observers."
Lots of detailed photographs.
Nutty and his Pachyderm by Arup Dasgupta
Detailed description, with photographs and CAD drawings, of a walking elephant model with howdah, maharaja and mahout.
Schmidt Offset Coupling by Paul Dale
Description and photographs of a Schmidt offset coupling model.
Kawasaki 1000 P 'ChiPs' Motorcycle by Anthony and Chris Els
A model of the motorbikes used in California Highway Patrol (TV program). Detailed CAD construction diagrams.
A Simple Partridge Plate Roller by Arup Dasgupta
A working plate roller model, with instructions and a photograph showing the completed model.
Diesel Locomotive by Chris Els
Original model of a diesel locomotive, with detailed instructions and illustrations.
Meccano Dinosaur by Paul Dale
A large model dinosaur, with construction details and photographs.
'Table Only' Meccanograph by Nigel Pope
An original Meccanograph model. Construction details with photographs.
Fokker DVII by Chris Bourne
A 1:10 original model of the Fokker DVII biplane. Detailed instructions with many photographs illustrating the stages of construction.
Rock Band by Nigel Pope
An original model of a rock band. Construction details with photographs. Kids love it at exhibitions!
The BT Tower by Nigel Pope
An original model of the BT Tower in London. Construction details with photographs.
Excavator by Martin Kraska
An original model of an excavator, derived from a toy model. Brief notes, with photographs and detailed mechanism diagrams.
Sopwith Camel by Chris Bourne
A 1:12 original model of the Sopwith Camel. Detailed instructions with many photographs illustrating the stages of construction.

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