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West London Meccano Society
September 1999 Meeting

Page 1
  • Excavator by David Howe
  • Bayco House by Robin Throp
  • Grandmother Clock by Matt Goodman
  • Grandmother Clock: detail
  • Orrery by Wes Dalefield
  • Orrery: detail
Page 2
  • Ro-Railer by Roger Poulet
  • Ro-Railer
  • Midland Compound and Ro-Railer
  • Compound Horizontal Mill Engine by Colin Davies
  • Four Column Beam Engine by Colin Davies
Page 3
  • Military Scammel Wrecker by John MacDonald
  • Scammel Wrecker: detail
  • Scammel Wrecker: detail
  • Scammel Wrecker: the wreck
  • Road Grader tines by Howard Somerville

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