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China around 1900

Coolie resting, Chinkiang. These pages contain photographs showing scenes of daily life in China around 1900. They belong to Chris Bourne's mother, and we believe they were taken by his great grandfather, W. McFarlane, who worked for a newspaper (possibly as editor) in Shanghai at the turn of the century. We hope you find them as fascinating as we do.

We have used the original captions from the albums in which these photographs are mounted. These reflect both the spelling and the attitudes of the time.

On each page, select any of the small images to view a larger version of the photograph.


  1. China home page
  2. Chinkiang (1 image)
  3. Hangkow (2 images)
  4. Kiukiang (2 images)
  5. Nanking (1 image)
  6. Shanghai, page 1 (6 images)
  7. Shanghai, page 2 (3 images)

Acceptable use

The photographs shown on these pages belong to Chris's mother, Mrs Bourne. You are welcome to copy and use them for non-commercial purposes (we'd love to know about it if you do, though). To discuss other uses, please email Chris Bourne at cfpb@borealis.gi. Thank you.

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