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Texas Calculator Programs

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Asm Programs

BatSaver 1Sets the calculator switch-off time to 30 seconds (via interrupt).
Source included, with instructions for varying the time yourself.
AJDNotePad 3.00Memo-style Notepad

Basic Programs

AAA -Configures the calculator to how I like it
Frac 3Displays Ans as a fraction or simple multiples of pi, e, root 2 or 3
NR 1Finds roots using the Newton-Raphson Equation.
Working is stored in lists which are displayed in the Stats editor.
Binomial 1Displays a given row of the binomial triangle.
NCDF 1Calculates values for the Cumulative Normal Distribution.
Nice Interface.
ArgandDr 1Displays the roots of a complex number
Example usage: "1 [Enter] 1/3 [Enter]" will give a triangle of points


Basic Programs

Here are the few basic programs that I wrote while I had an 83
Most of these utilities are quite short.
(Plain Text - sorry!)

  1. GetKey Demo
  2. Fast Solver for quadratics
  3. Prime number generator
  4. Binomial Table generator
  5. Newton-Rapson solver
  6. Linear-Interpolation
  7. ZAsk - Simple subroutine for asking Yes|No
  8. Progress Indicator subroutine
  9. Test program for the above
  10. Calculates the highest common denominator for two numbers
  11. Ranks lists of numbers (for my Psychology)

I am very interested in your ideas, software, programs, etc. so if you have anything that you think I might like, please email them to me.