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Steam Traction Engines, Road and Agriculture

Agricultural Yesteryear rallies have been becoming more and more popular since the early 1970s. Almost every weekend from Spring to Autumn has a venue somewhere in the UK. These rallies are not confined to traction engines and are often linked with vintage transport and Classic Cars or military transport.
Steam driven fairground rides are to be found at the larger rallies, together with other traditional fairground attractions such as the Wall of Death.
For a description of the different types of engine, the history of the development of these engines and more photos visit the pages of The Threshers Bush Steam Engine Club, who organise an annual Steamup and Easter Road Run. Details of the Run and other events are also to be found on the site.

Steam Traction pages on this site

Lamport 1999 (1) Including pictures of the sole surviving J and F Howard ploughing engine.
Placed on site July 1999
Lamport 1999 (2) Further pictures from Lamport.
Placed on site July 1999
Working Engines Timber work and thrashing - showing the sole surviving Gibbons and Robinson 7nhp.
Placed on site 16th. July 98
Welland 98 (1) Pictures from the Welland Rally, including one of the few Fowler crane engines.
Placed on site 3rd. August 98
Welland 98 (2) Placed on site 3rd. August 98
Fodens Page 1
Fodens Page 2
Foden Traction Engines, Steam Waggons and Steam Tractors,
including the oldest Foden in preservation.
Placed on site 4th. September 98
Sentinel Index Sentinel Steam Waggons,
Photos from the 1999 End to End Road Run.
Placed on site 13th. June 1999
Steam Rollers Steam Rollers photographed at various locations
in the UK. Placed on site 28th. March 99
Visitors' Page New 3rd. August 98

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