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Steam Railway Engines on the Llangollen Railway

All the pictures below are links to the full size scan.

BR Standard Four 4F and Taw Valley
An LMS Black Five at Llangollen Station, November 1997. This is a privately owned engine based at Llangollen. A British Rail Standard Four in the engine shed at Llangollen. This privately owned loco has been named "Castell Dinas Bran", after the ruined castle near Llangollen. However, having been sold it is believed to be moving to the North Staffordshire Railway. A 4F and the West Country Class Taw Valley on the Llangollen to Carrog line in June 1994. The 4F is based on the North Staffordshire Railway and the Taw Valley has various bases and often runs on mainline steam specials.
Foxcote Manor Black Prince Pannier tank engine
Foxcote Manor at Garth y Dwr, Spring 1996. This loco is now in for boiler checks and will not be running for some time. It is privately owned and based at Llangollen. Black Prince in the engine sheds for work on the springs, this loco was in steam by the end of November 1997 it is owned by David Shepherd, wildlife artist, and is based on the East Somerset railway. Pannier tank engine in Llangollen station, evening, November 23rd. 1997.Based at Llangollen, this engine is owned by the Railway Trust.
Foxcote Manor jpeg - 7Kb Webb Coal Tank jpeg - 21Kb Midland 1F jpeg - 25Kb
A touch of Wheel spin from Foxcote manor on Berwyn Bridge, September 1994. 0-6-2 Webb Coal Tank, usually based on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway en route to Carrog in May 1997. A Midland 1F from the Forest of Dean Railway at Llangollen in May 1997.

All the above photos were taken on the Llangollen line.
As engines are moved around between various preservation societies it is advisable to contact a site prior to visiting if you wish to see a particular locomotive. There are a number of Steam Preservation sites or web pages, one of the most comprehensive UK sites is Mark Dewell's Railway preservation pages and the National Railway Museum at York has pages of information.

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