Artouste Mk113

Airborne Auxillary Power Plant

February 2002

This engine was generously supplied by Everett Aero in exchange for a Nimbus control box(35kb) I constructed.

Everett Aero

The control box allows the Nimbus engine to be started and ground run.

Everett Aero have a large stock of Nimbus engines with possible application as a turbo jet conversion in the 800lbf/3500kN thrust range.)

The gas generator core of the Artouste is very similar of the Nimbus, minus the axial compressor stages. The engine was designated 'Airborne Auxillary Power Plant AAPP', and was designed to supply compressed air for main engine starting and to drive a 40kVA alternator. The unit was mounted in the starboard wing root of an RAF Victor Bomber.


Single stage centrifugal compressor, pressure ratio 3.6:1

Annular combustion chamber with fuel injection via holes in hollow rotor shaft.

High energy torch igniter.

Two stage axial turbine.

Power output 1.65lb/s at 37.7PSI (0.75kg/s at 2.6bar) or 60kVA at 0.8PF

(Equivalent air output power is approximately 200hp).

Shaft speed 34000 rpm.

The manual shows the general assembly of the unit:

Left and Right hand views of Artouste

To date (February 2002) no work has been done on this unit, but the engine looks in good internal condition. The alternator is missing, but a blanking plate if is ftted in its place.

Thanks again to Ian who supplied the manual. Try his Palouste page also.

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