Garrett GTP30-67

The Garrett GTP30-67 is a small single shaft gas turbine engine. It is one member of a family of smaller gas turbines used extensively in the aerospace industry for aircraft Auxillary Power Units (APUs)and Ground Power Units (GPUs).

This particular gas turbine is buried in a very heavy (~200kg) EMU-12/E military GPU which Ian Bennett and I collected on a trip to the Netherlands.

(We sailed across the North Sea from Harwich to Hoek van Holland on the Stena 'Discovery'. This is an all-aluminium catamaran ferry, powered by four large GE LM1600/2500 aero derivative gas turbines rated at 68MW (90,000 shp) total. See these links: the builders and the operators)

200kg of very heavy military GPU Identification label

Because of the difficulty in handling the GPU in this form, I have dismantled it, and installed the engine as a standalone unit in a lightweight transportable frame

Here the engine is completely removed from the aluminium housing (all 80kg of it). The 25kVA alternator has also been removed. You might ask why the alternator has been removed. Well, it adds a great deal to the installed weight, approximately 30kg, and also it generates 110V at 400 Hz. The engine has been cleaned as far as is possible, and various bits re-painted.

Slightly agricultural gas turbine  !?Nice though !

Here is a view of the engine re-installed in the lightweight frame. A simple front panel with RPM and EGT indicator and a couple of switches has been added.

GTP30 in lightweight frame

The unit was rolled out and started on Tuesday May 25 2000. It started first attempt, and spooled up to governed speed without any fuss (well, maybe a bit of hunting by the govenor). My neighbours will be pleased, it is much quieter than the Lucas, but still satisfyingly noisy. Running under no load on the govenor, the EGT gauge reads 520F/290C.

Here is a cutaway view of the engine.

Nice section

Here are sound files for the spool-up(205kB) and shut down(437kB)

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