Regular visitors to this site may notice that it is very slowly being edited and made a bit more compliant with protocols. My excuse is that it was begun around ten years ago and it seemed to work, more or less. However, every now and again I have a furkle around and - er - blush.

A new page is being constructed, but if you navigate round the site you'll see that I've a lot of other things going on - building a garage, workshop, greenhouse, rearranging the garden, fettling the fireplace in the front room, ditto (with chimneybreast 'adjustment') in the kitchen, work on existing outbuildings - etc..

So, please bear with me. (And come and give me a hand, if you like...)


e-addy for anyone as wants it...

Things have moved on a bit, and this may be fine for dusting    and polishing and impressing he neighbours, but if you really want high-end sound as well as style, you have to try a little harder.

Slate Plinths - Styles and choices. Pick'n'mix.

Glass Plinths - Styles and choices. Pick'n'mix.

Remote Links

Foally - Link to a Shetland School Youth Enterprise site - Foally's CD is now available: proceeds to charity.
Some additional info' may be found under  
Local Links

Coj's Shed Pages - Link incorporates lots more lovely charabang excursions to make the aquaintance of other Sheddi.
Please note the total lack of cojbait.

Those TV-licensing Bandits To where the methods of the TV Licensing Authority (so-called) are discussed.

Extreme Ironing? this is probably not a very Sheddy occupation as it doesn't include a sofa.

Local Links

Local News - Drawing Match in the village of Carleton Rode, 20th September, 2008

DO NOT CLICK! - Curiosity...

Shed Pages - An attempt to illuminate some of the darker corners of everyone's - well, nearly everyone's - well, to be more accurate, many people's - well, someone's, anyway - shed.

A sort-of insight into something or other - A continuation of the Shed Continuum. Sensibly-sized pretty pics, but lots offem, and may take a little while to load.

Another insight - Some rather more prosaic Shedding, with pretty pictures.

An insight into loquation, loquation, loquation - and tough on the causes of loquation - Amongst the Mountains of East Anglia, with trousers, and more pretty pictures.

Wotsits - Objects of unknown application, for which suggestions are invited.

Garden topics

Beginnings with bonsai

Unfinished letter to the TVLA - comments and suggestions for improvements welcomed...

Foally - The Group   Some background to Foally.