Christmas Means ITV Features

Christmas is ... ITV

That was the slogan in 1979. Judge for yourselves whether the schedule matched it. It seems as if Granada had the day off ...

08:45 Beautiful Morning (YTV)

Burl Ives and the St Winifred's Children's Choir

09:00 The Christmas Story (YTV)

09:15 A Merry Morning (YTV)

Jimmy Tarbuck, Animal Kwackers, Mike Harding and Ward Allen at the National Children's Home in Harrogate.

10:00 Christmas Morning Service (Thames)

11:00 Lassie: The New Beginning (film)

12:45 The Walt Disney Classics

13:00 Christmas Oh Boy! (ATV)

13:30 Crossroads (ATV)

Reg Cotterill meets a new friend of Alison's. All the familiar faces are at Meg Mortimer's get-together.

14:00 Star Games Final (Thames/TWI)

Comedians and TV presenters fight it out in the water, over an obstacle course, at golf running and football, and finally tug-of-war.

15:00 The Queen

15:15 Goldfinger

17:10 ITN News

17:15 3 2 1 Dickensian Xmas Show (YTV)

Terry Scott, Bill Maynard, Wilfred Brambell, Carmel McSharry and The Krankies join Ted Rogers and Dusty Bin.

18:15 George and Mildred (Thames)

18:45 The Three Musketeers

20:45 Christmas with Eric and Ernie (Thames)

21:45 This is Your Life Special (Thames)

Eric Sykes gets the red book from Eamonn Andrews

22:30 ITN News

22:40 Regional Variations:

ATV: Cleo's Christmas Special
SOU/YTV: Love Boat
GRN/ANG: Vegas
HTV: Bywyd

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