Geoff's Last Visit to England

List of Photographs

  1. Geoffrey Colloff, December 1993.
  2. Geoff invites Lizzie to share his sweets.
  3. Lizzie accepts but her hands are too cold to pick them up!

Geoffrey Colloff,  English Winter,  December 1993.

This is a picture of Geoff in his English duffle coat, taken during his last visit to England over December 1993 to January 1994.

We went out into Lancashire to see my grandaughter, Elizabeth Louise Hinde; [Lizzie, then aged six and a quarter]; compete in her first dressage event on her pony Toffee.
It was quite cold, about 26 degrees Fahrenheit, so Geoff wore the duffle coat that we had bought for him for ski-ing in America, after his previous visit to England in 1986

Geoff tempts Lizzie to a sweetie

Elizabeth Chooses a Sweet

It was quite cold and Lizzie's little hands were frozen so Geoff tried to take Lizzie's mind off the cold by offering her a Rowntree's Fruit Pastille from his so recently replenished stock.

Lizzie accepts  one of Geoff's English sweets.

Elizabeth Has to be Fed!

This was a great sacrifice for Geoff as this came from his stock of three packets that he wanted to take back to America with him.
Unfortunately Trader Joe, of San Francisco, does not appear to have stocked any of Rowntree's confectionary products.
Having accepted, Lizzie found that her hands were too cold to pick out a sweet, so Geoff fed them to her.

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