Index of Photographs

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  1. Geoffrey's Mother and Father.Cis and Harold Colloff; Summer 1956, Geoffrey's parents.

  2. Geoffrey's Daughter.Hilary Colloff; Geoffrey's daughter.

  3. Mrs Marcia Lizza.Geoffrey's very good friend who was nearest to him when he died, Mrs Marcia Lizza.

  4. Geoffrey in England December 1993. Geoffrey on his last visit to England, December 1993.

  5. Geoff offering Lizzie Sweets Geoffrey Offers Sweets to Lizzie, December 1993.

  6. Geoff giving Lizzie Sweets Geoffrey Feeds Sweets to Lizzie, December 1993.

  7. Geoff's Sister in Law. Annette Colloff, Geoffrey's Sister in Law .

  8. Geoff's Brother. John Colloff, Geoffrey's Brother .

  9. Seminary Drive. Apartments on Seminary Drive where Geoffrey lived for 20 years

  10. Brompton Cottage, Malvern, Worcs.. The cottage where Geoffrey lived during the Manchester 'blitz.

  11. The School in Malvern that Geoff 
attended. The School in Malvern that Geoff and his Mother had attended.

  12. The Manchester School that Geoff 
attended. The School in Manchester that Geoff attended 1943 to 1950.

  13. The Garden of Remembrance.The Garden of Remembrance at the Crematorium, Manchester, England; where Geoffrey's ashes were scattered over those of his parents.

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