John Price
Sometimes known in cyberspace as jOHN of St Albans.

My theory is that 95% of people visiting a personal Home Page only want to see what the owner looks like. So if you came here just to see what I looked like, click here

I'm not much of a computer buff, but there is a newsreader I rather like: click here

If you want to know why I call myself "jOHN", it started as a typign error, but I liked it as it was a bit different. (After all, every Tom, Dick and Harry is called "John".) So I kept it. And I added "of St Albans" because I like to know where people come from, so maybe you do too.

However, I'm nothing to do with the hangman called John Price (fuller details here). Nor do I claim any of the attributes of the famous John of St Albans. And wouldn't it be nice if I could play an instrument as famously as John Price, the pipe and taborer quoted in Sir Francis Darwin's 1914 "Address to a Society of Morris Dancers on The Pipe and Tabor".

If you wish to see why it can be fun to play the accordion, click here
If you share my interest in the music of John Kirkpatrick, click here.
If you want to know about St Albans Morris Men (or morris dancing in general), click here.
If you want to know about St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK, click here

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Last updated 2nd March 2006