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St Albans Morris Men
An inaugural member club of The Morris Ring.

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St Albans Morris Men have been dancing in and around St Albans (that's in Hertfordshire, UK) for 75 years - but we're still as fresh as daisies! If you don't believe that, come and see us at any of the spots in our Summer Programme.

You may notice from our programmes that we often dance outside pubs. This is not for our benefit, of course. It is principally so that you, the public, can sit at ease - enjoying a pleasant drink and wondering "How DO they do it?" But there is the added advantage that if any of our men are looking peaky, you could buy them a drink. This is optional, of course, as is putting a coin in the hat. Our pub spots are free entertainment. No licence fee to pay. No commercials. Almost too good to be true.

Of course, if you want us to give up some of our precious spare time to put on a show at your school fete, wedding, bonfire party, birthday celebration, street party, etc. (we'll consider anything!), then you will need to talk to the Bagman, one of our Club Officers, about our availability and our very reasonable scale of charges. Worth remembering, too, that we have a reputation for keeping the rain at bay. (Honest, guv!)

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