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Although we do a lot of our dancing within 10 miles of St Albans, there are more opportunities to dance elsewhere than we can shake a stick at. We get invitations to visit clubs in other parts of the country, enabling us to admire their local beers and scenery.

Member clubs of The Morris Ring (to which we belong) organise a number of large meetings each year, when around 150 - 200 morris men descend on an area for a weekend. St Albans Morris Men usually sends a sizeable contingent (10-12 men or more) to one of these. We ourselves hosted a Ring Meeting from 29th - 31st July 2005, to celebrate our 75th Anniversary as a club. Some photographs of the event are available via our 2005 Photo Album.

Trips abroad are always extra memorable. Our last major overseas tour was a ten-day trip to California in October 2005 - again as part of our 75th Anniversary celebrations - to dance with Moreton Bay Fig Morris of San Diego, Rising Phoenix and Wild Wood Morris of Los Angeles, Apple Tree Morris of Sebastopol, and Berkeley Morris, White Rats, Dead Ringers and members of various other teams in the San Francisco Bay area.

We have danced in a number of European countries, getting over the English Channel perhaps once every 2 - 3 years. We visited St Albans' Hungarian twin town of Nyíregyháza in March 2005, where we were given VIP treatment by civic authorities and local anglophiles alike. In recent years, we have visited Harpenden's twin town of Alzey (Rheinhessen, Germany) for a special Wine Festival; St Albans' French twin town of Nevers; Utrecht (Netherlands) and - for a mediaeval extravaganza - Crecy, France.

We have been invited to visit Sweden (Kiruna and hopefully Stockholm) to dance in May/June 2007 and are working on the details for that trip.

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