An eclectic collection of papers I have written to capture principles and processes to assist my understanding. A BiBTeX bibliograhy is provided for Papers and Publications. Note, this is in Unix text file format.

"Document Version Numbering"

In writing and developing documents for projects, or individually for that matter, the ability to consistly track and reference a document has been an areas of debate. In managing projects and bids people can be enhancing a document while a third-party is reviewing an earlier revision. How should all the documents be referred to suhc that all parties are able to refer consistently to the material? What approach to version numbering should be adopted?
In this paper two methods are presented for labelling the version of a document. The first, Major and Minor Versions. draws upon the analogy with software development and the labelling of revisions wihtin source code files. The second method, Draft and Definitive Versions, draws more upon a manual approach to labelling documents. Finally, both approaches are drawn together to offer a unified approach. This is the methodology used in the production of this document.


"Multiplicity and Cardinality"

Having worked intermittently with diagrams and models that include cardinality and multiplicity nomenclature I have always been seeking a more complete set of the annotations. In reading Fowler, a comprehensive set of explanations was found which for my own benefit have been transcribed into this paper.


"Units of Measure and Scaling Factors"

In this short paper the aim is to introduce and argue for the appropriate usage of units of measure (UoM), combined with the relevant application of scaling factors and how values with their UoM should be displayed. Finally, a consideration is given to both the accuracy and precision of values.


"NetBeans IDE (v7.0.1) Reference Card"

A one page reference card for the NetBeans IDE which details the available keyboard combinations. This was created for my own use as a crib sheet which I have tidied up for wider usage. Note, there is very rarely anything new under the sun, and as this reference card was constructed it was noted that the IDE incorporates one. The IDE card also includes details of Java code templates to ease and speed development. See "Help -> Keyboard Shortcuts Card".

I would like to acknowledge the developers and maintainers of the NetBeans IDE for the production of the great development environment. All rights belong to their original holders.


"Hooke's Law"

A short technical describing Hooke's Law with reference to physics text which provide a greater level of depth.

This note was produced as an "exercise for the reader" as I was looking at some physics text and working through some of the exercises.


"ljfilt - A FreeBSD HP LJ1000 Printer Filter"

The documentation and gzipped source for the FreeBSD printer filter. The source is a series of nuweb (*.w) files.

ljfilt source

"Electrical Resistor Values"

A short technical describing electrical resistor values and the associated colour scheme labelling.


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