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I have mostly programmed in BASIC, from the days of the Spectrum, via the 480Z and BBC B. I have owned an Archimedes since 1988. From time to time I have used Assembler on all these machines, but nothing very ambitious. I have also taught Logo, and had experience of several other high-level languages.

Since retiring I have taken up a project abandoned earlier through lack of time. This is the BASIC support system now centered on Basil, and now Basalt. The intention is to have a system of object-oriented programming in BASIC, but this is on hold at the moment.

This work has spawned RFSFiles for managing ResourceFS files.

Lately I have been developing a further module, Basalt, that provides a very convenient way to include new keywords into BASIC using machine code routines in a module.

Most of the text files with these programs have been written with StrongED, using my mode !Document, but are quite readable without. There may also be StrongHelp manuals.

Name Type Purpose
Basalt Module Use 'extra' keywords in BASIC
Basil Module Share BASIC libraries among all programs
RFSFiles Module Add and remove files in ResourcesFS
RFSApps Module Control applications in Apps. RO 3.70? only.
ShareOff Module Disable disc sharing by Access users