by Paul Merchant and Michael Lehr
(A Paraphrase of the Lord's Prayer)

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This came shortly after I’d made the life-changing decision to join the Twentieth Century Church Light Music Group at Cambridge University. I’d been intrigued by the use of semi-contemporary music in worship, having heard Patrick Appleford's “Mass Of Five Melodies” in Cambridge with the University Jazz Band. I wanted to see if it was feasible to write an appropriate guitar-based setting of the Holy Communion service.

Well, I wrote the “Mass Of Saints and Sinners”, which we used for special services at the University Church of Great St Mary’s. I think it was the first of its kind to be written and used, and still sounds quite good. However, it proved impossible to adapt it from the traditional Prayer Book language for the new liturgies that were around the corner, and is now only of historical interest (if that). It was nevertheless published quite quickly (not so difficult in those days), and so began my involvement with contemporary Christian music!.

Paul Merchant, another member, passed to me what I thought were some great hymn lyrics, and so I wrote guitar-based music for “Lord, Make Me Love”, which was also published but has since sunk back into obscurity! He then provided these lyrics, which I also thought were very good, and this piece has been surprisingly popular over the years. It was one of the reasons I created this website, though it’s taken until September 2008 for me to create a passable MIDI!

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