MUSS Caving Club

Welcome to the MUSS Web Site

MUSS is a small, friendly, caving club. We're based in Manchester but have members around the country. We're a very sociable club and as well as caving several of our members go climbing or diving. We also recognise the hard time the brewers and publicans are currently having, and try our best to keep these unfortunate people employed.

What's New: Cave Diving and Caving Photo Gallery, on the SCUBA Travel Site but featuring MUSS photos.

*Caving, Diving and Climbing Bookshop
*Message Board
*Meets and Socials Diary
*Emailing List
*Big Dick Award - Needs Your Memories
*MUSS Presidents - 1957 to 1999
*Your Top Ten Books of the Century

Featured book: Ansel Adams at 100
Beautiful photographic book of of mountains, sky, water, rock formations...
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