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Holy Ghost Crowthorne
The Immaculate Conception Sandhurst


On Wednesday 22nd September 2004 the two Catholic parishes of the Holy Ghost, Crowthorne and the Immaculate Conception, Sandhurst were formerly amalgamated into one parish, the Roman Catholic Parish of Crowthorne and Sandhurst.The new parish will continue to have services in both churches. The parish priest resides in the presbytery in Sandhurst and the parish office is also located in Sandhurst at the back of the church.

The parish is in the South Berkshire Deanery within the Diocese of Portsmouth, and includes the two main areas known as Crowthorne and Sandhurst. Crowthorne includes Broadmoor and that part of the Civil Parish of Wokingham Without northwards to and including the Nine Mile Ride and the Civil Parish area known as Finchampstead. Sandhurst includes the two areas known as Owlsmoor and Collegetown.

The parish is bounded by the Roman Catholic parishes of Bracknell to the north-east, Wokingham to the north-west and west, Yateley and Fleet (Aldershot Deanery) to the south. The eastern boundary is also the boundary of the Diocese of Portsmouth with that of the Diocese of Arundel, the two parishes Camberley and Camberley North (in the Diocese of Arundel) being our near neighbours.

The Diocese of Portsmouth is now divided into Pastoral Areas, each area having the responsibility to provide for the celebration and availability of the Sunday Mass to those in the Pastoral Area. The parish of the Holy Ghost, Crowthorne and the Immaculate Conception, Sandhurst, is in the South Berkshire Pastoral Area which includes the parishes of Bracknell and Wokingham. At present (2010) each of the three parishes have a resident priest and so each parish is able to provide several Sunday masses. With the liklihood of a decreasing number of active priests in the diocese the framework of a pastoral area including several parishes will allow for the optimum use of those priests within the Pastoral Area. Thus even if the diocese could only support one priest in a particular pastoral area of say three parishes there could still be one mass offered each weekend in each of the three churches.

In the South Berkshire Pastoral Area Fr. Christoper Rutledge is the Co-ordinating Pastor, and Mgr. Jim Joyce and Fr. Kevin Jones are Co-Pastors. Thus at present we have a resident priest in each of the three parishes within the South Berkshire Pastoral Area (Bracknell, Crowthorne and Wokingham).

Thus the infrastructure is now in place to cater for the day when there may be only two or even one priest to provide for the needs of the community in the Pastoral Area.

Services and related information

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Contact details

Parish Priest: Rev Kevin Jones

Parish Office:
The Office is to the rear of the Church of the Immaculate Conception at Sandhurst.

    Parish Office
    Church of the Immaculate Conception
    63/67 Yorktown Road
    GU47 9BS
    Tel: 01252 87 6820
    Location Map

Normal Office hours:
Monday to Friday between 10am and 12:30pm.

Emergency Contact
When the office is closed the telephone is in answer phone mode but is checked regularly by Fr Kevin. So if you need to speak to Fr Kevin urgently then please ring the usual Office number 01252 87 6820 and leave you message with your contact telephone number. If you need to speak to a priest urgently and Fr Kevin is not available please call Fr Jim Joyce at Wokingham parish - 01189 780348.

The Parish Priest, Fr Kevin Jones now resides at the presbytery in Sandhurst.
Normal parish business should be conducted via the Parish Office.

Church of the Holy Ghost – Address details for the church
    (note contact is via the Parish Office – details below)
      51 New Wokingham Road
      CROWTHORNE Berks
      RG45 6JG
      Location Map

Contact details for all parish business matters
Please contact the parish office at 01252 87 6820
of at the address for the Parish Office above..

Location of each church using SATNAV equipment

The postal code of each church (see above) should be sufficient.
However, for a precise location the latitude and longitude co-ordinates of each church are:

Holy Ghost Crowthorne: 51.3716°N   0.8036°W
Immaculate Conception, Sandhurst: 51.3460°N   0.7996°W

Wellington College (Evening Mass once a month in term time): 51.3674°N   0.8110°W
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