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Eudora 1.4.4

An early version of Eudora.
Loads very quickly and is much smaller than v3.0.5
No POP3 send.
Cannot send e-mail written by v3
eudora.ini file is different from v1.5 and above
   eud144.zip 279081 bytes

Eudora 1.5.4

A better version than 1.4.4 but still quite small.
Loads very quickly and is much smaller than v3.0.5
Still no POP3 send.
Cannot send e-mail written by v3
   eud154.zip 341520 bytes


FoxMail 1.6 Copyright (c) 1997 XiaoLong Zhang
FoxMail is a Windows Internet mail client,
supports full Internet mail functions, runs under Windows 3.1X/Windows 95/NT environment.
Although 16 bit, if run under Win95, it will have a 95 look.
Checks multiple POP3 mailboxes
   foxmail.zip 303454 bytes


BenMail - A Windows (TM) based Mail reader
BenMail is a Windows 3.1 based internet mail reader, for use with WINDIS, KA9Q, and DICS, or any similar SMTP queueing systems.
   ben125.zip 54674 bytes

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Internet Utilities


Netdate: v. 1.04 for Windows 3.1 & v. 3.14 for Windows 95
Copyright (c) 1995, Gregorian Programmers Guild
synchronises desktop PC's clock with Unix server.
Suggest use Zetnet's server in Manchester ntp0.zetnet.co.uk or ntp1.zetnet.co.uk in Lerwick.
   ndate104.zip (Win3.x) 75271 bytes    ndate314.exe (Win95 ) 94720 bytes

Or check the author's FTP site: ftp://ftp.eps/mcgill.ca/pub
   FTP Windows 3.x Winsock    FTP Windows 95


Windows Sockets Host V1.10
Copyright (c) 1994 Andy H Coates / EPSRC
Windows Sockets Host is a utility which will obtain a host name from a given IP number or vice versa.
The software will run over any TCP/IP stack which is Winsock version 1.1 compliant.
   wshost11.zip 5124 bytes

Zetnet Trumpet Winsock Scripts

Zetnet requires a script to logon.
For Information see: Installing Zetnet Trumpet Winsock Scripts

  Trumpet Scripts scripts.zip 4029 bytes
  Trumpet Winsock v.2B & Scripts zet_trmp.zip 109882 bytes

Zetnet Netscape Dialer Script and .sr File

Zetnet requires a script to logon.
This script is suitable for Netscape's dialler.
It may be used (eg) if you use VirginNet or Internet Dial.
Copy to c:/dialer and edit with your account details
Create an icon with Command line C:\DIALER\DIALER.EXE    ZETNET.SR
and working directory C:\DIALER
   z-np-scr.zip 883 bytes

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ANSI Character Table

This is an html page, suitable for printing out, giving the ASCII/ANSI equivalents of characters
Note that MS Internet Explorer fails to print these correctly.
It is best viewed / printed with Netscape 3 or Opera: Netscape 4 gives character codes for some characters.

   ANSI Character Table    ANSI Character Table (smaller)

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BigNum is a Pascal unit of seven Maths functions
including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fac, square, and squareroot.
It includes a DOS calendar date program (kalendar.exe)
   Bignum.zip 128046 bytes

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