Afan Valley (1) ( A kaleidoscope of greens )

{short description of image} Download this map to see the general layout of the area covered by this guide {short description of image} Find the Rhyslyn car park. You leave by the bridge on the right and return by the gate on the left.
{short description of image} This shot, taken from that bridge gives a good indication of the nature of the Afan valley {short description of image} This stretch is typical of the lower reaches of the path. River below on the left - main road above to the right.
{short description of image} While this shot shows how the surface has eroded a little, but nothing too bad for the most part. {short description of image} When you reach this old station you will have just passed the point where you turn right to access the Visitor Centre...
{short description of image} ....with it's Mining Museum, cafe, information centre and loos ! Click here to learn more about the Visitor Centre {short description of image} As you climb slowly up the valley beyond the Visitor Centre the valley opens out, but the river is still far below.
{short description of image} At this point you are approaching Cymmer and the surface suddenly improves. {short description of image} No prizes for guessing what these premises were originally, but now they are very welcome refreshment rooms.Click here to continue

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