40th Fife Scout Troop
Camp 1998 
Loch Pityoulish

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At every summer camp we hand out a number of disposable cameras to the Scouts and let them take photos of whatever they want

The Campsite 

    Where is Loch Pityoulish? (Map) (about 80K)

    The campsite for this year was one of the best we have ever visited. It was right on the lochside with a hill to the rear and woods to both sides.
    The woods had recently been thinned and had left us with more timber than we could possibly burn or use for pioneering

    Owing to a mixup in loading the lorry, we took with us a grand total of two long pioneering poles but the huge amount available timber meant that we were able to make three major pioneering projects: a catapult, a jetty and a 'Baywatch' tower in the water. Even these failed to make a dent in the timber and so, instead of the usual string Patrol area boundaries, one patrol made a fence.

    The campsite also had an added surprise, a graveyard. There was a small graveyard up on the hill which contained a single grave but it certainly added a little spice to the ghost stories.

    The site was ideally sited for a whole host of activities being in the heart of the highland, beside a loch (for canoeing), forestry paths (for hiking and mountain biking), near heritage parks and tourist information areas (for exploring the area) and close to a whole host of outdoor centres. But most agreed that the best thing was waking up in the morning and seeing the Cairngorms in the early morning light.