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New Hit Count The following software is all shareware which I have used and found useful. Please mail me if you download and use any of this stuff - I only keep stuff here that people are finding useful - if you don't let me know it will probably disappear. Mail me if you have suggestions for things I should add.

Most the files available here have been "zipped" so that they download more quickly. If you don't already have a copy of Winzip or PKZip or other program to unzip these files, you can download one from - look under Utilities / File compression. Or Click Here to download WinZip95 v6.3 Evaluation copy

Click on any title here to get a fuller description of each program and the option to start the download.


Useful Stuff           Web Page writing for beginners
Web Page writing for beginners
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LHA add-on program for WinZip to allow reading of LZH archives including the new Zimacs .ZET packets

Download LHA Now 44 Kb

Instructions for Installing (copy-n-pasted from the WinZip help file):

Here are step by step instructions for installing LHA, an optional external program required to work with LZH files.

That's all there is to installing LHA. You can now access .LZH files (created by LHA) the same way you access Zip files.

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PuzzLex for Windows 95 Anagram and Crossword Puzzle Solver

Download PuzzLex Now 535 KB
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Version Beta 0.04

Latest version with Random Variable calling interval and extended and improved help.

Download Twister Program Files Now 1.4 Mb

Download Twister.exe latest release 17k - only if you have already downloaded and installed a previous release to set up all the VB runtime libraries.

Download Twister Data Files Now 636 Kb

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Download Logic-O Now 1393 KB
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Date Master

Download Date Master Now 63 KB
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Download Opera 2.12 Now 772 KB
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A Zetnet User's Guide to Creating your first web page

Read the Guide Now 6K - click here to open the text file - your browser should have the facility to then "Save as File" - look under "file" on your menu-bar.
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Go to the Chami Website and download HTMLKit Now
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Xenu Website checker

Visit the Xenu homepage

Download Xenu Now 231 KB

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Bare Bones Guide to HTML

Visit the BareBones homepage

Download Bare Bones Guide to HTML Now 24 KB

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WS FTP Limited Edition

Download WS FTP Limited Edition Now 978 KB

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Download SkyGlobe 3.6 Now 353 KB
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Download IconMaker Now 940 KB
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Download IrfanView Self-Extracting Archive Now 468 KB

Visit the Author's homepage
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Download 2020 Now 699 KB
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F-Prot Virus Protection Software

Go to the Frisk Software F-Prot Page Now No accurate sizes can be given for the above downloads as I do not copy them to my site - I just link to the main site. Please advise me if you find that the above links have broken so I can fix them! Thanks.
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Go to the UltraBall web page Now

Download UltraBall Now 663 KB - note: this is a local download of the latest version I have - it may not be the latest version available from Josh's page.

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Old Zetnet Icon

Download the icon file now

If you RIGHT CLICK on the flag or text above, your browser should give you the option to either "Save target as...." or "Get link document" or "Save link document as...."

Use one of these options to save the zetflag.ico file to your hard disk.

You can then use this icon in place of the new-improved version!
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Note: All the descriptions and opinions given on this page are my own. I cannot and do not guarantee that the software described will work on your system, or will be bug or error free. They are provided here, free of charge, under the usual shareware terms. I am not responsible for any problems you may experience installing or using them, although I will try to offer help or advice if you mail me.

This page was last updated 10th March 2001

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