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Phrenology reading for James Robert Leslie Smith, 1870

The following is a transcript of a hand-written report dated 1870.

James R. L. Smith

Memory - very fine. Head of average size, a hard head moderately worked as yet but will work hard. Distinctive feature - hight of head in proportion to circumference. You have a strong will persistent in any course you may commence hence the importance of beginning right. Your will is strongly supported by Conscientiousness and considerable prudence but if you err at all it will be Will domineering over judgement. You must therefore be carefull not to go into anything without carefully looking at all sides of the subject.

Caution - fair but having strong will carefully cultivate your caution and be carefull of your choice in youth in plans and companions etc.

Prudence and Forethought - fair, carefully cultivate these as you will need them to guide your will aright.

Conscientiousness - good. Get into the habit of asking yourself before going into anything, is it right.

Self-esteem - moderate.

?Veneration? - fair. You will hold to your opinions with great tenacity and will be quite orthodox as you will stick to the religion in which you are trained.

Hope - moderate.

Benevolence - good.

Affections - good, but not powerful and will never preponderate. Stronger in reality than they are in manifestation. You will be direct in saying what comes uppermost but you must be carefull always to think how and what you say and how it will affect others. You have a tendency to hardness of manner. You ought to soften your manner and be kind and genial to companions.

Philoprogenitiveness - the strongest marked feature of your passional nature. Fonder of children than of Animals. You ought to learn the habit of obedience to those over your Parents, Teachers and those who in any way have control over you.

You are Secretive and don't communicate your deepest thoughts and feelings to others, but think them over and over in your own mind. You ought to take counsel, if you commit any error it will be in that you don't take counsel of those who are older and wiser than yourself. You ought to act ?this? for 7 or 8 years yet. Open yourself more to friends and cultivate the art of talking and attending to your friends.

Acquisitiveness - you will be fond of acquiring property but you must be guided by a due regard to the feelings and rights of others. Let conscientiousness and benevolence guide in this.

Intellectual organs very well developed.

Perceptive genius - good.

Size and form quite artistic.

Colour - good.

Order and Number - not very strong.

Constructiveness - good.

Memory - admirable for details and will recollect whatever you read or hear. Read History and don't take your learning from fragmentary magazines. Read outlines of Universal History fill up with that of your own country, History of Rome, Greece, etc.

Comparison - very fine.

Eventuality - unusually large. You will be in the habit of holding opinions and not say much about them. You will hold them persistently even when you cannot very well defend them. Having a strong intuitive view of things you will have a wonderfull insight into the character of others.

Time and Time - good.

Ideality - good. You didn't get well on at school unless you and the master agreed. You may [be] led cannot be driven. You have a victorious and conquering force in you. Have an invincible will that will beat down all difficulties and opposition that lies in the way of the accomplishments of your plans. You have good elements in your nature but do be guided while you are young. Avoid the love of pleasure, Music Halls, etc. Make high objects of life your pleasure and aim.

Business - You are fit for any mechanical work requiring precision. Engineering would be about the best thing to try. Would be a good workman making everything according to a pattern. You ought to go to Drawing would be a good Draughtsman. You will suit any business where accuracy of workmanship is required, not sedentary above all. Will make a good man of business. Good Traveller and will have the power to command. Good Master. Mill owner. You are naturely born to command. Prompt, active and energetic.

As read by Professor Jackson
17th Aug 1870

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