The 13th Middlewich Folk and Boat Festival 2003

The Festival with Something for Everyone

June 13th, 14th, 15th 2003

See what Dave Roberts of the Salt Town Poets had to say about the First Middlewich Folk and Boat Festival

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Just to get you in the mood for 2003 we are having a concert at the Middlewich British Legion Club on Monday 25th November at 8.00pm



Box office tel for Patrick Street is 0709 239 0501


Last Year's Artists Were :


Kathryn Robert and Sean Lakeman   John Boden & John Spiers
Whorticulture Jenny Butterworth Jon Brindley
Emily Slade Hot Tamales Aphrodite
Jug O' Punch Steamhead Taggart & Wright
Trefor & Vicki Williams Roam Quartz
John & Alisa Booth Brass Tacks THE FAMILY MAHONE
The Peace Artistes Root Chord Odd at Ease
Tom Brown & Ian Goodier South Cheshire Pipe Band
Elle Osbourne. Sarah Hayes. Both will appear in the showcase/hiring fair concert(Sat. 15th 2.00pm Middlewich Legion) AND at the festival club hotel(Kinderton Bar & Resturaunt) later.
And Festival Hosts
The Middlewich Paddies

Craft Stalls, Poetry Sessions, Late Nite extras, Singarounds, Sessions, Workshops, Traditional Narrowboat Rally, Children's Entertainment, Festival Fringe events and more....


Book Tickets from Festival Box Office 
Dave Thompson 01606 836 896

or e-mail 


Concert Programme and Prices

Note - Weekend Tickets admit the holder to all events
Providing Space is Available

Accommodation : Contact Middlewich Information Centre 01606 832 571

General Information - Dave Thompson, Festival Director
Middlewich, Tel 01606 836 896 (After 6.00pm) e-mail

Crafts and Trade Stalls :
Phone Stephen or Norma on 01606 834575
or e-mail

Enquiries about boats and boat related stalls etc
Heather Rowley, Peak and Potteries Red Bull
Phone 01782 785703
or e-mail

Poetry Contact e-mail or Telephone 01606 738781

Dance sides: If you wish to take part contact Ian Chambers at NB Stanton, C/O Kings Lock Boatyard, Booth Lane, Middlewich, Cheshire, CW10 0JJ 
Email for Dancers :

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  Previous Guests at the Middlewich Folk and Boat Festival

Artists for 2000 were: Vin Garbutt , Iron Horse, Te Vaka from New Zealand , Roy Bailey and John Kirkpatrick, Blue Horses, Show of Hands, Les Barker, Blowzabella, Loctup Together, Jenny Butterworth, Cuckoo Oak, Seize the Day: , Dragonfall:, The Family Mahone (featuring Mark Radcliffe) , Slip Jig, Karen Burton(Australia): , Tania Opland & Mike Freeman-(Alaska/UK): , Bob Webb: , Calico Jack: , Steamhead:, Bakers Fabulous Boys:, Ceolta: , The National Youth Folklore Troupe of England: , John Barden, Roy Clinging, Davian Reel, Quartz
, St Patrick's Pipe BandAnd Festival Hosts :
The Middlewich Paddies

1999 Artists included : Cherish the Ladies , Black Umfolosi (Zimbabwe), The Poozies, Tanglefoot (Canada), The Old Rope String Band, Cock & Bull, The Oldham Tinkers, Bernard Wrigley, Ian Bruce, The Boat Band, Acquiesce, Middlewich Paddies, The Chipolatas, St. Patrick's Pipe Band, Keeper's Lock, Steamhead, Davian Reel, Roy Wilcock & Bridget Guest, Lorebreakers

1998 Line up was :Dervish, The Albion Band, Chris While and Julie Matthews, Artisan ,Tanglefoot From Canada, Huw and Tony Williams, Cock & Bull Band, The Peace Artists, Calico Jack, Davian Reel, Moorland Folk, Buzz & Sam Collins, Stanley Accrington, The Middlewich Paddies, Chris Sherburn & Denny Bartley, Flakey Jake & The Steamin Locos, John Conolly & Pete Sumner, Fiona Shirra (Celtic Harp and voice), Acquiesce, The Salt Town Poets (Featuring Dave Roberts), Ian Goodier & Tom Browne, Steamhead, Roy Wilcock & Bridget Guest, The Lorebreakers, Biggles Wartime Jug Band, The Ram Shanty Crew, Silk Brass - Macclesfield Band
Dance from :Fendance, Ring Heye, Mind the Step, Bradshaw Mummers, Padiham Panache, Wrigley Head, Pumphouse, Stockport, Milltown Cloggies, Grand Union Rapper, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Clerical Error, Trim the Velvet
Workshops on:Melodeon, Pipes, Clog Dancing, Juggling, Young Musicians, Combining guitar and concertina

  1997 Line-up was : The Yetties, Coope, Boyes & Simpson, Big Jig, The Boat Band, Anam - Flook!, The Geckoes, Jez Lowe & The Bad Pennies, Crook, Sears and Harrison, Davian Reel, Gavin Lewery and Jock Tyldesley, Les Barker, To Hell with Burgundy, The Middlewich Paddies, Calico Jack, Youthquake, Salt Town Poets, The Chipolatas, Gilly Darby, Chew the Roots.Harvey Andrews
Extensive dance programme featuring: The Newcastle Cloggies, Herga Morris, Mind the Step, Wrigley Head, Grand Union Morris, Kicking Alice Kids, The Moulton Crows, Les & Sheila Dormer, Grand Union Rapper, Bradshaw Mummers, St. Patrick's Pipe Band. 

Guests in 1996 were : After Hours, Cosmotheka, Calico Jack, Gary & Vera Aspey, Five Speed Box, New Bushbury Mountain Daredevils, Chris Sherbourn (concertina) & Denny Bartley (guitar), The Southgators, Keith Donnelly, Risky Business (what a voice!), The Middlewich Paddies, Jenny Shotliffe & Youthquake, The Great Bonzo & Doris, Dave Roberts, Circus Sensible, Paul & Glen Elliot.

  The First Middlewich Folk and Boat Festival 1990
(Reproduced with permission) by
Dave Roberts - Copyright Salt Town Publications 1999

The Middlewich Folk and Boat Festival
Was quite an affair there's no doubt.
It took place in June nineteen-ninety
And I'll tell you how it came about.

A fellow named Richard Devaney
Was on his third barrel of beer
In a pub called the Boar's Head on Kinderton Street
When he had a tremendous idea.

Now, Richard was quite a musician,
And fond of a song and a joke;
With his two mates, Dave Thompson and Trampas,
He sang in a group and played folk.

The Middlewich Paddies they called them;
Their fame spread both near and afar
And Trampas appeared on tin whistle
With Richard and Dave on guitar.

Now, as Richard stood there getting plastered
A light bulb lit over his head;
It had 'idea' written above it -
'I've got an idea', he said.

'A Festival! That's what this town needs!'
The idea took root and grew strong,
So he called all the town's brains together,
(And that didn't take him too long)

And soon they had formed a committee
Which met every Sunday, and soon
The Festival came to fruition
On Friday the fifteenth of June.

The marquee fell down on the Friday
And everyone said this was meant
As a sign that the gods were all angry,
But I think it was just a portent.

A gang of strong men grabbed the canvas
And soon had the marquee put right;
In no time the party was swinging
With everyone happy (and tight).

There's a lot of great talent in Cheshire
And Middlewich has its fair share,
So on Saturday they held a contest,
To find the best folk-singer there.

The contest was tense and exciting,
With everyone wanting to win,
(It was won by a woman called Gladys
who sang 'Bless this House' and drank gin.)

On Saturday night came the concert
And the Middlewich crowd clapped and cheered
As the Middlewich Paddies sang folk songs
And the great Bernard Wrigley appeared.

On the Sunday they still hadn't finished
And festivities raged round the town;
And the ale was flowing so freely
It was feared that somebody might drown.

All in all, it was quite an occasion,
If you saw it you'll know what I mean;
It was there days of laughter and music
And the best do this town's ever seen.

Here's a health to the Middlewich Festival
May it prosper and go on and on;
If you came and enjoyed it, we thank you
And we'll see you in June Ninety-one.

(This account was written actually before the Festival, and parts of it are downright lies) - Dave Roberts

(Bits I remember that were downright lies were. She wasn't called Gladys, she was called Deirdre. She drank Whiskey not Gin and she played the flute beautifully and didn't sing and she had this old bloke playing the guitar for her. Can't think who that was. And wasn't the runner-up a guy that played the Irish Pipes and spent the whole 10 minutes tuning them? And I don't remember the marquee falling down) - Ed