Southern Addresses


Although they always had studios in Southampton and Dover to serve both parts of the region, for many years the company was effectively run from London.

Southern Television Centre
Southampton SO9 4YQ

Glen House
Stag Place
London SW1E 5AX

Dover Studio
Russell Street

Additionally they had offices in Manchester, Coventry, Maidstone, Dorchester (Dorset), Brighton and Reading.

Southern also owned a unique asset; a floating studio The Southerner on a 70ft motor torpedo boat equipped with three cameras, a control room and VTR. It enabled them to produce excellent coverage of many marine-based events, such as Cowes Week, power-boat racing and water skiing.


The main library is held by:

Seymour Mews House
Seymour Mews
Wigmore Street
London W1H 9PE

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