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While commercial viewers in other parts of the country have been saddled over the past few weeks by a series of art talks by Sir Kenneth Clark, we in the Tyne Tees area have not only had the pleasure of seeing Highway Patrol instead, we have enjoyed the privilege of seeing it for the second time.
Darlington Northern Echo, 28 January 1963.

  Now on Tyne Tees ... ...

Tyne Tees Programmes

Tyne Tees has not as would be expected made a major contribution to the network at any one time, but over the years there have been a number of significant programmes.

Below is a small subjective list of programmes. If your favourite Tyne Tees programme is missing let me know, and I will add it.

First Day

The music behind the recording was not on the original transmission - or at least so I thought. It seems there was a choir there, so it might be untouched after all, but I still have doubts.

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