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1998 Photos

May Morning

(Photos by Pam Glover)

Sword lock First dance-out by
St Albans Morris Men
of the Kirkby Malzeard
longsword dance.

(Not bad for 6.15 a.m.
- and no blood shed!)

Chris Hillier,
immediate past Squire,
tempts an unsuspecting
member of the audience
with the immortal words:
"Let them eat cake!"

Handing out cake

Group photo

Left to right:
jOHN Price
John Beecham
Brian Bending
Jon Peett
Gerald Farmer
John Seaborn
Nigel Moorcroft
The Mayor of St Albans,
   Cllr. Portia Harris
Chris Hillier
Mike Bennett
Bob Combes
Trevor Adams
Sandy Glover
Denis Lloyd
Chas Whitlock
Gordon Jones
Jim Rose

Herts Show - 23rd May

(Photo by Pam Glover)

<Queens Delight Bob Combes and John Seaborn rise to the challenge of "Queen's Delight".

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