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A Synopsis of 2001

With the increasing availability of digital cameras and scanners, 2001 has offered us many monitor-friendly images as a record of our exploits! Here is a selection taken across the year. Click on any picture for a larger version.

8th. January 2001 - "Plough Monday"

Our single 2001 Plough Monday photograph can be found here. This formed the basis of our official "Domesday-2000" photo for the Ring archives. (Photos by David Wicken.)

6:00 a.m. on 1st. May 2001 - "May Morning"

May Morning 2001 In front of St Albans Town Hall. We did have an audience - including The Mayor of St Albans. Honest!
It's just that they were off-camera for this particular shot.

Photo: Bob Combes

SAMM Day of Dance - 5th. May 2001

Dancing in Christopher Place, St Albans, in company with Whitethorn Morris and Whitchurch Morris Men.
Photo: John Price
Christopher Place 2001
Whitethorn Morris After dancing for the residents at Verulam House Nursing & Residential Home, we enjoyed the late afternoon sunshine in their lovely garden.
Whitethorn team photo.     The twin boys, Robert and Edmund, are the offspring of Marion Moorcroft (front centre) and Nigel Moorcroft (SAMM).

Photo: John Price
Pipe and tabor players always look so serious, don't they!
Here are the combined pipes and drums of St Albans and Whitchurch. A merry sound! Musicians are (l to r) Malcolm Seymour (WMM), David McKeggie (WMM), John Seaborn (SAMM) , Nigel Moorcroft (SAMM), Graham Lyndon-Jones (SAMM) and Mike Chandler (WMM & SAMM).

Photo: John Price
Whitchurch & SAMM P&Ts

Monday 4th. June 2001

Hollybush 2001 A typical Monday evening dance-out at The Hollybush, Church End, Redbourn.
Heaven's above! John Price is actually dancing. Must be the one he knows.

Photo: Bob Combes
Later that evening, by the light of the silv'ry moon, we danced at The White Horse, Hatching Green.
Photo: Bob Combes
White Horse, Hatching Green

Monday 18th. June 2001

Robin Hood & Little John Robin Hood & Little John, Rabley Heath. Another favourite pub with excellent beer and a morris-friendly audience.
Photo: Bob Combes

Saturday 30th. June 2001 - Boar's Head/Claro Sword Ring Meeting

A sunny Saturday was spent in Bronte country.
Here, Benfieldside Morris Men dance outside The Fleece, Haworth.

Photo: John Price
The Fleece, Haworth
Jockey Morris Men Still in Haworth, but now outside the Tourist Information Centre.
Jockey Morris Men dance Adderbury.

Photo: John Price
Unperturbed by the cobblestones, SAMM dance a spirited "Brimfield".
Photo: Bob Combes
Brimfield 4-hand reel

Monday 2nd. July 2001 - Green Dragon, London Colney

Green Dragon, London Colney John Seaborn dances a one-man jig (Nutting Girl, Fieldtown?), with style and elegance, to the music of Graham Lyndon-Jones. Bagman, John Beecham, appears to be making notes - or perhaps marking him out of ten???.
Photo: Bob Combes

Monday 23rd. July 2001 - Lytton Arms, Old Knebworth

We always get a good welcome at The Lytton Arms, and have had some lovely audiences there over the years. On this particular occasion, a couple of families (rear right in the photo) were enthusiastic enough to follow us there from the previous stand at The Fox, Woolmer Green. How wonderful when the children in their party entertained us at the end of the evening - and how sad that we don't have a photograph of that!
Photo: Bob Combes
Lytton Arms

Monday 13th. August 2001 - Alford Arms, Frithsden

Alford Arms Another of our favourite regular pubs which we try to visit every year - though this will have to end if the dancing area shrinks any further!
No doubt we would go back in other clothes, though, to enjoy their great beer and tasty food.

Photo: Bob Combes

Visit by Shepherdstown NW Morris/Hicks with Sticks, 17th - 18th August 2001

Just a short visit by this wonderful friendly bunch from West Virginia, USA, but we did our best to give them a varied schedule of entertainment - starting with a welcome barbecue.
Photos: John Price
Bob Combes' Workshop On Saturday, Bob Combes ran a NW Workshop, where Shepherdstown swapped dances with members of Cottonmill Clog Morris and Whitethorn. Meanwhile, Christine Bennett took the younger members of the party sightseeing in London.

Photos: John Price & Christine Bennett
Lions in Trafalgar Square
On a short evening tour, Shepherdstown NW and Hicks with Sticks managed to dance under the cedar tree beside St Albans Abbey before the rain set in!

Photos: Bob Combes & John Price
Shepherdstown NW in Sumpter Yard Hicks with Sticks in Sumpter Yard Shepherdstown Band
With further outdoor dancing at The Fighting Cocks and The White Hart ruled out by steady rain, we fell back on our other hobbies, namely drinking and - errrm - socialising. Then there was an ale at The White Hart - eating, more drinking, and some dancing and singing - to end the visit. What fun we had!

Photos: Brian Bending and Bob Combes
Caught in the act, at The Fighting Cocks Joanie and Laura Nigel with Joanie and Carla *****

Monday 3rd. September 2001 - Froth 'n' Elbow, Dunstable

Froth 'n' Elbow In September, our Monday evening dancing is usually in the dark - so we choose the pubs partly for their lighting! "Froth 'n' Elbow" sounds like a modern brewery chain, but is actually derived from two characters in Shakespeare's "Measure for Measure". Nice idea! Nice welcoming pub, too, with an enthusiastic audience who enjoyed our dancing and the informal music inside afterwards, as a precursor to the Dunstable Folk Festival.

Photo: Bob Combes

27th. September - 1st October 2001. Visit to USA.

A report and photographs of our "Pursuit of Happiness" tour can be found on its own pages.

7th. October 2001. Lytton Arms Beer Festival, Old Knebworth.

Another enjoyable appearance at The Lytton Arms. Here, Edward Bennett - our youngest dancer - shows off the skills he honed during the USA tour.
Photo: Christine Bennett
Lytton Arms Beer Festival

Sunday 18th. November 2001 - In Memoriam for Tony Barratt

Tony Barratt, SAMM Day of Dance 26/9/98 In 2001, we all sadly lost Tony Barratt - a former member of SAMM and a long-time friend and audience member. A marvellous celebration of his life was held for those who knew and loved him, with music, dancing and comedic contributions from as many as could be fitted into a Sunday evening! A fitting tribute to a fine man with so many talents.
Photo: John Price
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Friday 23rd. November - British Association of Removers

British Association of Removers The final event - well, the last before the seasonal Christmas activities, at least - was as a cabaret at a dinner of The British Association of Removers at The Waterend Barn, St Albans. This proved to be an enjoyable and highly successful event for us as well as them!
Here, some of their members, as well as guests from other European removal associations, are seen performing a rapidly learned "Bromsberrow Heath Stick Dance". Like all their work, I'm sure, it was executed with enthusiasm and without damage or injury!!

Photo: Graham Lyndon-Jones

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