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Photos from our 2003 programme

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6:00 a.m. on 1st. May 2003 - "May Morning"

May Morning 2003 In front of St Albans Town Hall. The weather did not encourage a large audience, and the photos turned out a bit grey! But here is the traditional shot of us with The Mayor of St Albans, Cllr. Keith Stammers.

Photo: Melvyn Teare

Westminster Morris Men's Day of Dance - 10th May 2003

We foregathered at The Barley Mow, Horseferry Road, to sample their hospitality. In due course, the South African barmaid sampled the hospitality of Westminster Morris Men - plus as many other men as could muscle in on the usual ceremony!
Photo: John Price
Westminster Morris Men
Ravensbourne Morris Men SAMM were on Tour 3 bis, and started the morning at various spots along the Embankment. Here, Ravensbourne Morris Men perform in Victoria Tower Gardens.
Photo: John Price
At the same venue, Offley Morris Men perform in front of the Buxton Memorial Fountain. (Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton succeeded William Wilberforce as leader of Great Britain's anti-slavery movement.)
Photo: John Price
Offley Morris Men
The Westminster Arms After a gruelling session of dancing (well over 15 minutes!) it was time to repair to The Westminster Arms for refreshment. Brian Bending, cash in hand, looks after the SAMM kitty whilst 25 dancers from other sides wait patiently to be served.
Photo: John Price
With Old Father Thames gently flowing along in the background, Whitchurch Morris Men (augmented) dance at Embankment Steps to the pipe and tabor of Mike Chandler.
Photo: John Price
Whitchurch Morris Men
SAMM & Jenny Unable to dance at Cleopatra's Needle, due to unfair competition from the drums of an Amnesty International demonstration against Egypt, we took an early lunch at The Ship and Shovel, Craven Passage. Here, we had a good welcome, fine beer and a tasty lunch. Jenny, the landlady, was happy to help us dance "The Rose" afterwards.
Photo: John Price
In the afternoon, we performed to passing groups of tourists at Duke of York Steps, St James' Park.
Photo: John Price
Duke of York Steps
Trafalgar Square Edward and the Lion We did two spots in Trafalgar Square, the second as part of the massed show. An excellent range of photographs of the latter can be seen at - including the one alongside of Edward resting after a busy day!
Photos: left - John Price; right - courtesy of
What better closing shot for the day than one of Westminster Morris Men dancing superbly, as always. A splendid end to the dancing - and still The Feast to come!
(Full marks if you can spot Christine Bennett in the crowd!)

Photo: John Price
Westminster Morris Men

St Albans Charter 450th Anniversary Celebration - 11th May 2003

Available here.

Living Crafts, Hatfield House - 11th May 2003

Available here.

The Hertfordshire Show - 24th May 2003

The Village Green It can be very lonely, out there in the middle of The Village Green...
Photo: John Price
But when your audience has chosen where to sit, you can always dance nearer to them.
Photo: John Price
The Village Green
Blocking the roadway Of course, blocking the road is one way of encouraging people to stop and watch!
Photo: John Price
But you know you're winning when members of the public stop and watch in preference to moving on towards the ice cream stall. (The little girl in the centre gets our award for the most attentive audience of the day.)
Photo: John Price
Out to grass
Up the wall We declined to ascend the inflatable climbing wall. We'd forgotten to bring our crampons.
Photo: John Price
Our last spot - in the "This is Hertfordshire" segment of the Showground. The end of a whole day's dancing unmarred by rain!
Photo: John Price
Ecologically friendly
Further photos of this event available here.

Thaxted Ring Meeting - 31st May 2003

We spent an enjoyable day, in beautiful sunshine, touring round pretty Essex/Cambridgeshire villages with first-rate pubs! Our colleagues were Colchester Morris Men, Dolphin Morris Men (Nottingham) and Silurian Morris Men (Ledbury, Herefordshire).
Silurian, dancing at The Crown, Little Walden.
Photo: John Price
Little Walden - Silurian MM
Hadstock - St Albans MM SAMM at Hadstock
Photo: John Price
Ashdon - St Albans MM SAMM (left) and Dolphin (right) at Rose & Crown, Ashdon
Photos: John Price
Ashdon - Dolphin MM
Helions Bumpstead - Colchester MM At Three Horseshoes, Helions Bumpstead.
Left: Colchester MM
Right: Silurian MM listen as Sandy Glover (SAMM barker) sings.

Photos: John Price
Helions Bumpstead - Sandy & Silurian
Thaxted Town Street (N) Thaxted Town Street (S) Massed dancing in Town Street, Thaxted.
Right: show dance by our hosts, Thaxted MM.

Photos: John Price
Thaxted - Thaxted MM

SAMM Midsummer Day of Dance - 21st June 2003

The day started in Sumpter Yard. Here, Bedfordshire Lace show off their dancing - and their new uniform! For a more extensive range of photos at this location, see here.
Photo: John Price
Bedfordshire Lace in Sumpter Yard
Wicket Brood at The Clock Tower Wicket Brood put on a lively display at the next spot - The Clock Tower.
Photo: John Price
A display was put on by request outside the West Door of St Albans Abbey, for emerging members of the congregation - and The Bishop also stopped by for a chat with Fool, Jim Rose. This photo has been called "A Couple of Crooks", but is less ambiguously titled "Two Shepherds".
Photo: Jim Bickerton
Jim and The Bishop
photo subject After lunch, there was a stand outside the Verulamium Museum. This is Wicket Brood again.
Photo: John Price

Borehamwood Summer Celebrations - 28th June 2003

We had our annual visit to Borehamwood, where we get a nice reception from some regular members of the audience and from passing shoppers. So far, the weather has proved kind every year!
Borehamwood Borehamwood Borehamwood

Photos: John Price

Shenley Village Fete - 29th June 2003

The following day, we danced for the crowds at Shenley - and it was getting hotter all the while. In these circumstances, dancing near a) the beer tent and b) the ice cream van is a neat idea!
Shenley Shenley Shenley

Photos: John Price

Garden Party in aid of Bushey Museum - 16th August 2003

Another warm day for dancing at one of our favourite venues. With several of our members away on holiday, we were a little tight on numbers, so Nic Nicolson gave the other dancers a rest by dancing a solo jig - Lumps of Plum Pudding.
Bushey Bushey

Photos: John Price

St Albans Morris Men's Day of Dance - 27th September 2003

At the end of another busy summer, we were joined for our Day of Dance by teams and/or odd men from local morris sides - Hoddesdon Crownsmen, Etcetera (Enfield), Whitchurch and London Pride

SAMM at The Alban Arena Chris Hillier serves cake at The Alban Arena Hoddesdon Crownsmen at The Alban Arena Etcetera, etc, at The Alban Arena
SAMM at Hatching Green London Pride, Etcetera and Whitchurch at Hatching Green Phil Seaman at Hatching Green
SAMM at Sandridge Jonathan in Cotswold mode at Sandridge Hoddesdon Crownsmen at Kimpton Phil Seaman plays for the Squire of Etcetera, Kimpton
Bonny Green Garters for all, Kimpton Dancing for the residents of Lyndon House, Sandridge

Photos: John Price

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