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Photos from our 2004 programme

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6:00 a.m. on 1st. May 2004 - "May Morning"

May Morning 2004 On Saturdays, we can't dance in front of St Albans Town Hall because of the market stalls. So we perform in "Civic Square" in front of the Alban Arena. Here on the left is the traditional shot of us with The Mayor of St Albans, this year Cllr. Jenny Stroud. Below, a selection of our early morning dances.
Photos: Anne Casey

May Morning 2004

May Morning 2004

May Morning 2004

May Morning 2004

Later on 1st. May 2004

Royal Oak, Daventry To celebrate May Day, we had a Day of Dance with invited sides from both near and far.  SAMM first visited our "local" pub - The White Hart Tap - where our favourite barmaid, Aurora, was lifted at the conclusion of Brighton Camp. Then, with Royal Oak Morris from Daventry and Old Palace Clog from Croydon, we moved on to Sumpter Yard.
Photos: Pam Glover
SAMM with Aurora Old Palace Clog, Croydon SAMM Royal Oak

Cottonmill Clog Morris) In front of the Alban Arena, later in the afternoon, everyone had an opportunity to show off their best dance. Left - Cottonmill Clog Morris.
Below (left to right) - Bedfordshire Lace  Morris, Baldock Midnight Morris, Phoenix Morris and Wicket Brood Morris. (Sorry, no photos available of Woodside MM, Ramrugge Clog or Whitethorn Morris.)

Photos: Pam Glover
Bedfordshire Lace Morris Baldock Midnight Morris Phoenix Morris Wicket Brood Morris

Westminster Morris Men's Day of Dance - 8th May 2004

SAMM - The Rose Left: SAMM dances "The Rose" in Paternoster Square on a greyish morning. Dancers - Gerald Farmer, (Simon Reynolds obscured) Chris Hillier, George Collett, Bob Combes, Mike Bennett.
Also dancing at this venue were Etcetera, from Enfield, and Thaxted MM.
Photo: Anne Casey
Old Molly Oxford, Ilmington Dance? Gallant Hussar, Bledington Brimfield
Above: SAMM at St Margaret's Churchyard, Piccadilly and Duke of York Steps. Edward Bennett danced manfully on with his arm in a sling. Good job he doesn't play the accordion! Photos: Anne Casey

Living Crafts, Hatfield House - 9th May 2004

Mike Bennett We normally dance three "spots" at Living Crafts - the first on the hard standing near the main stall area; the second in Palace Yard; the third varies.
Anne Casey's photos, here, show her preference for capturing small groups of dancers - rather than the more "traditional" approach of photographing a whole set.

Photos: Anne Casey
Ed Bennett & John Seaborn Bob Combes & Jon Peett Chas Whitlock & John Beecham John Beecham & Harry Simon Reynolds & George Collett Bob Combes & John Price
Chris Hillier & John Beecham John Price, John Seaborn & Graham Lyndon-Jones George Collett & Pete Davis Harry & Nic Nicolson George Collett & Bob Combes H.M. Queen Elizabeth I & Sandy Glover
Photos below by Pam Glover.

The Hollybush, Redbourn - Mon 10th May 2004

One of our Monday night pubs. Dancing in the gathering dusk.
Photos by Anne Casey.

John Seaborn, John Beecham & Simon Reynolds Chas Whitlock Jon Peett Gerald Farmer, Chris Hillier, John Seaborn and others
Graham Lyndon-Jones Nigel Moorcroft, Mike Bennett and Jon Peett in March Past, Eynsham Old Woman Tossed Up, Brackley Old Woman Tossed Up, Brackley

The Old Red Lion, Park Street - Mon 17th May 2004

Another Monday night pub.
Photos by Anne Casey.
Pub sign Gordon Jones Mike Bennett, George Collett, Ed Bennett, Nic Nicolson Brackley Bean Setters
Nigel Moorcroft, Christine Bennett, Mike Bennett, Trevor Adams, Bob Combes, Sandy Glover Something with hook-legs! Lichfield 'All up'

The Hertfordshire Show - 23rd May 2004

After a few years, all photos at the Herts Show start to look the same. Not only the same scenery, but also largely the same dancers each year! We dance on "The Village Green" and three random places around the showground. What does vary is the weather. This year, somewhat overcast.
Photos by Anne Casey.

'March Past' on The Village Green Finale of March Past Bluebells of Scotland Preparing to dance 'Old Woman Tossed Up' Brackley
Trevor Adams & Chris Hillier dancing 'Brimfield' Chris Hillier, Trevor Adams & Pete Davis dance 'Pershore' John Seaborn & Chris Hillier dance 'Pershore' Musicians Reggie Welbank, John Price & Gordon Jones - flanked by Gerald Farmer & Pete Davis - 'Bonny Green Garters' Bampton

Visit by Moreton Bay Fig Morris from San Diego, California
Welcoming Barbecue - 16th June 2004

Getting to know one another. A little wine and beer always helps!
Sue Hillier, Trudy Reynolds, Sandy Glover, (Trevor Adams), Marieke Thayer Nic Nicolson, Juliet Bending, Jackie Nicolson, Lisa Tansey, Reggie Welbank, Jessica Hilt Pam Glover, George Collett, Jessica Hilt, Chris Hillier, Brian Bending, Alex Boster, John Seaborn, Graham Lyndon-Jones, Reggie Welbank, Jim Thayer, Matt Frigon, Jackie Nicolson Jean Welbank, (Chris Hillier rear), Chas Whitlock, (John Seaborn, George Collett), Brian Bending, Anne Casey, Alex Boster, Pam Glover, Maisie Peett, Marieke Thayer, Sandy Glover
Then the cooking started ... and finally, in the dark, some dancing. Marieke (MBFM Squire) shows us The Fiddler's Jig, and MBFM do a spirited stick dance. SAMM's 'Pershore' is too dark to show you!
Trevor Adams, Simon Reynolds, Jim Rose, Mike Bennett, Maisie Peett, Matt Frigon Hilary Thurlow, Maisie Peett, Simon Reynolds, Jim Rose, Mike Bennett Chris Hillier, Marieke Thayer, George Collett, John Seaborn Moreton Bay Fig Morris

17th June 2004

A daytime visit to Verulamium Park and the Roman theatre, and an evening visit to The Cross Keys, Gustard Wood.
Henry Frigon, Jim Thayer, Alex Boster, Matt Frigon, Lisa Tansey, Gordon Jones, Brian Bending, Vamsi Potluru, Jim Rose, Marieke Thayer, Nic Nicolson, Kate Potluru Jim Rose, Matt Frigon, Nic Nicolson, Henry Frigon, Brian Bending, Jessica Hilt, Lisa Tansey, Jim Thayer, Marieke Thayer, Vamsi Potluru, Kate Potluru, Gordon Jones, Alex Boster Hertfordshire Holly Moreton Bay Fig Morris
Photos by John Price.

St Albans 'Folk at the Festival' - 3rd July 2004

Part of the festivities of St Albans Festival is called 'Folk at the Festival', and part of that is a Day of Dance within St Albans. This year, we did a mini-tour with Rockhopper Morris to Sumpter Yard, The White Hart Tap in Keyfield Terrace, and the West Door of The Abbey. Then back to the Alban Arena for a massed show and tea.
Rockhopper Morris in Sumpter Yard SAMM in Sumpter Yard Rockhopper Morris at The White Hart Tap SAMM at The White Hart Tap

Rockhopper Morris at the West Door of The Abbey

SAMM dance 'Pershore' at the West Door of The Abbey Cottonmill Clog Morris in front of The Alban Arena 'Jam' session in CaféNes
Photos: John Price

Standon Morris Men's 50th Anniversary Celebration - 24th July 2004

 Have you ever gone for a day out and the battery in your digital camera runs out after one shot? Believe me, it's rather frustrating!
Photo: John Price

Linslade Canal Festival - 7th August 2004

A really hot day, this one! English Miscellany, Wicket Brood and SAMM danced in the blazing sun in the middle of the field, finding shady spots to retire to. Trevor Adams found a great little leafy glade for his lunchtime rest.
English Miscellany Wicket Brood St Albans Morris Men Trevor Adams
Photos: John Price

St Albans Morris Men's Day of Dance - 25th September 2004

For our Day of Dance this year, we were joined by morris men from Bedford, Etcetera (Enfield, Middx.), Greensleeves (London), Ripley (Derbyshire), Westminster (London) and Whitchurch (Bucks).

Bedford Morris Men Bedford MM & Ripley MM Greensleeves Morris Men Whitchurch MM & Etcetera
Etcetera Morris Men Miscellaneous Musicians Mayor, Gordon Myland, and Westminster Morris Men Westminster Morris Men
Sandy Glover in Announcer mode Sandy Glover with Ripley Squire and Fool Chris Hillier formally dances in as Squire for 2004/2005 Bev Seaborn passes the Squire's chain of office to Chris Hillier
Photos: Pam Glover

The Day of Dance was tinged with more than a little sadness this year, as our Squire, John Seaborn, had died in office earlier in the month. John was a much-loved and respected member of our Club, a stalwart dancer and occasional musician. This was his third time as Squire.

In place of the traditional "dancing out" of the retiring Squire, John's widow, Bev, and their daughter Carim bestowed the chain of office on the incoming Squire, Chris Hillier.
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