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Trip to Canada - Sept 1999

Niagara Falls and The Toronto Ale

In Sept 1999, a contingent from St Albans Morris Men went to Canada to the Toronto Ale. But first we paid a visit to Niagara Falls with the help and companionship of members of Cold Barn Morris of Hamilton, Ontario.

Visit to Niagara Falls

Kirby Malzeard in The Butterfly Gardens
Sword (Kirby Malzeard) in The Butterfly Gardens, Niagara Falls.

A Cotswold dance at The Floral Clock
At the Floral Clock - dancing to a captive audience of electricity pylons.

Group photo at Niagara Falls
Obligatory "team photo", with Niagara Falls and its rainbow in the background.

The Toronto Ale

With so many teams at the Ale it's difficult to do it justice photographically. So here are just a few cameos from an excellent weekend of dancing and generally making merry! (Shame I have none of our hosts, Green Fiddle Morris.)

Sunday morning at The Black Swan St Albans MM with members of Belles of York, Half Crown Clog, and Toronto Women's Sword.
The lovely and extremely talented Toronto Women's Sword, dancing "Papa Stour". Toronto Women's Sword and 'Papa Stour'
 Toronto Morris Men Toronto F Morris Men.
(F? Don't ask!)
And finally, in the privacy of The Tranzac Club, seasoned morris dancers learn the Polish Bear Dance from Jim Riosa of Cold Barn... Polish Bear Dance

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