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Crecy Mediaeval Fair - 1996

Visit to Crécy, France - August 1996

St Albans Morris Men were invited to dance in Crécy as part of their celebrations to mark the 650th anniversary of the battle. We had a marvellous time - not least because of the care and hospitality shown to us by our hosts, Serge and Veronique Barbier.
Tour Group Photo
Back, from the left: Mike Sayer, Peter Walklate, Jon Peett, Nigel Moorcroft
Honorary Sword and Cake Bearer - John Raffill
John Seaborn, Chris Hillier, Bob Combes, Nic Nicolson
Seated: Serge Barbier, Sandy Glover, Veronique Barbier, jOHN Price
Highland Mary
Peter Walklate plays
pipe and tabor for
"Highland Mary" Oddington

The Rose "The Rose" Fieldtown.

A report written at the time said...

St Albans Morris Men had a highly successful weekend in France, helping them celebrate the fact that England won the Battle of Crécy, 650 years ago! We danced 13 times in two days, and it was morris as I love it. The audiences were so appreciative, and the dancers fed off their responses. We danced our best.

We danced in sunshine and we danced in rain. Neat adrenalin flowed. How else could the men have risen to the occasion, at the end of the thirteenth show, when the audience demanded yet another encore? Not one man demurred. Even the last dance was done with energy, humour, total rapport and a touch of inventiveness.

And the icing on the cake? Free beer for the whole weekend!

Thank you, Crécy! I shall die a happy man.

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