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Visit from FBMM/RCMW, July 2000

(Photos by John Price)

8th - 9th July 2000

St Albans Morris Men were delighted to host Foggy Bottom Morris Men and Rock Creek Morris Women, from Washington DC, USA, for the first weekend of their "UK in 2K" tour. This included the Day of Dance of the St Albans Festival.

Mass Display at The Alban Arena

Rock Creek Morris Women

Here, Rock Creek Morris Women do their show dance whilst other dancers look on. FBMM's Nick Robertshaw and Rodger Sunderland provide the music.

Foggy Bottom Morris Men

Foggy Bottom's show dance was characteristically vigorous. (Note also that there was an audience of non-dancers at this display. Not bad for 9.30 on a Saturday morning!

An extensive array of further photos from "Folk at the Festival" can be seen here.

11.00 a.m. - The Grand Parade

Okay. I was in it, so I couldn't photograph it. Does anyone have a nice photo I can use here????

At St Albans Cathedral

Our mid-day spot was outside the West Door of The Abbey. By this time, the weather was showery.

Foggy Bottom Morris Men Soggy Bottom Morris Men pressed on regardless. Here, three pairs of father and son dance (to father-and-son music), showing what a family team this is. (Some Rock Creek women are also partly responsible for some of these sons!)

With similar fortitude, Rock Creek Morris Women also brave the damp. (Sharp eyes are invited to spot the visiting Yately morris man in the "crowd".) Rock Creek Morris Women

Outside The Fighting Cocks

Fortunately, heavy rain required us to take a beer break in the pub, delaying our dancing but not preventing it entirely.

Rock Creek Morris Women Here, the newly renamed Rising Creek Morris Women dance Ducklington (how appropriate!) on a dodgy surface between The Fighting Cocks and the River Ver.

FBMM were perhaps even rasher, attempting a fast stick dance on the stone flags. Everyone applauded Jud MacIntire's forward roll, with double twist and pike - but it had an adverse effect on his white shirt! Foggy Bottom Morris Men

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