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May Day 2000

(Photos by Pam Glover and John Price)

May Morning

Lighting conditions were not good for action shots at 6.00 a.m., but we made sure we had the traditional posed shot with The Mayor and Mayoress afterwards.

Dawn picture

John Price, Bob Combes, Chris Hillier, Trevor Adams, John Seaborn, Jim Rose, Graham Lyndon-Jones, Gerald Farmer, Mike Bennett, Nigel Moorcroft, Robert Oerton, The Mayor (Councillor Mike Morrell), Brian Bending, The Mayoress (Mrs. Morrell), Chris Warren, Sandy Glover, Nic Nicolson, Gordon Jones.

May Day Tour

On a nice, sunny, Bank Holiday Monday, St Albans Morris Men and their guests - Bedfordshire Lace and Woodside Morris Men - did a small tour around some of the really pleasant parts of St Albans.

Beds Lace Our 11.00 a.m. spot was outside the West End of The Abbey.

This is Bedfordshire Lace.

At noon, we moved down to The Fighting Cocks. A very popular setting for dancers and audience alike.

Here's a photo of Woodside Morris Men performing.
Woodside Morris Men

Woodside Morris Men


Woodside Morris Men again - outside St Albans Museum, Verulamium Park.

St Albans Morris Men dance "March Past". March Past

Jenny and Sandy

Jenny, Sandy and Jim

A couple of photos featuring St Albans Morris Men's Crier (Sandy Glover) and Fool (Jim Rose)
with Bedfordshire Lace's Fool (Jenny Howard)

And finally, the morris dancers' traditional farewell dance - Bonny Green Garters.

A great May Day tour, and well received by our audiences!
Bonny Green Garters

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