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22nd January 2000

Still not moved house!  I'm without PC and WSA during the week, hence the infrequent updates.

The discussion board has moved at last (prompted by some Y2K issues!).

16th July 1999
Well, I finally got a job, two days after my old contract ended! I'm now a webmaster full-time, not just as a hobby. I'll try and get the site kick-started again now, when I've sorted out a move to Edinburgh....

The discussion board will relocate soon.

19th June 1999
The man with many fingers - Rick Wakeman - is interviewed in this month's Sound on Sound. The WSA was used a lot on his recent album "Return to the Centre of the Earth".

"When I first saw [the WSA1] one year at Frankfurt, I told the guys then that the machine was a real winner, but they had to take the name Technics off it! It turned off a lot of buyers simply because of the manufacturer's name. The machine could have turned into something very special, but then they gave it to the home-organ salesmen to sell - what a disaster!"

Incidentally, the interviewer Paul Ward, has a couple of excellent albums out if you can find them anywhere.

Sorry for the infrequent updates. I'm spending most of my free time job-hunting...

17th April 1999
A new Sound Diver adaptation from Helfried Wildenhain. this controls patch names etc. Head to the Files page.
14th March 1999
Well, I've finally got somewhere useful with my Soundfile editor. Be warned that this is very much a beta application so please back up any soundfiles, and let me know of any bugs...
2nd March 1999
Long time no update... No real news, but a few more fixed links i hope. I've bben too busy wasting my free time with Terragen!

By the way, I don't have SoundDiver, so any queries on the adaption should go to Helfried.

26th January 1999
I've tried updating a few links that were broken. Please drop me an email if you find any.

Also, I've been asked for a review of the Dance board, but I don't have one, so if anyone would care to write a few words.....

17th January 1999
I've finally uploaded the Sound Diver adaptation from Helfried Wildenhain to the Files page.

Anyone want to come and see Calamity Jane next month? I've got the part of Danny........

26th December 1998
Hope everyone had a good Christmas! Lee sent a couple of Xmas sequences for you to download so here they are: Xmas.seq and Madrus.seq
1st November 1998
Thanks to Gordon Hull for a bit of publicity in this month's Sound on Sound Magazine...... Did you get your sound card?
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