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List of Music

  1. In The Past God Spoke Another excellent set of worship lyrics from John Hartley set to contemporary music. Based on Hebrews 1 and 2 they provide a much-needed teaching contrast to the images of the baby and manger which seem so dominant.

  2. Sing High With The Holly A very striking, original and haunting Christmas carol, with lyrics by Dr A.J.Lewis. It blends traditional imagery and contemporary thought.

  3. His Cross Stood Up On Stony Ground (Broken) This is a passionate (but in parts stark) communion hymn-song with words and basic melody written by Kim Ilene McDaniel. With MP3.

  4. We Believe In God The Father Almost a creed paraphrase but not quite, as it’s based on the declaration of Peter to Cornelius in Acts 10. John Hartley wrote the words, and I think he’s very gifted.

  5. Christmas Is Real A brand new set of Andrew Pratt lyrics for Christmas, as good as ever. This musical treatment owes a debt to the late Sydney Carter.

  6. God, Forgive Our Shallow Praise Andrew Pratt is an imaginative writer with much published work in a traditional format. This musical treatment aims to take it away from that approach.

  7. I’m A Child Of The King A family worship song that came rather rapidly out of the Christian Songwriters’ Gathering in Townsend TN in Jun 2006. With MP3s of live and home computer recordings.

  8. You are the Image of the Unseen God (A new worship song/hymn based closely on Colossians 1, verses 15-20).

  9. Mourning for America (A song from moving lyrics written by Michael Fortunato following the 9/11 tragedy. Sensitive but challenging as well)

  10. Ashes Or Gold (A solo song exploring the alienation of those who feel outsiders in certain churches)

  11. Jesus, Pour Your Healing On Us Now (A worship song exploring healing needs, starting from the Gospel reading for 16 February 2003 - Mark 1.40-45)

  12. Shalom, My Friends (Based on the traditional Hebrew round, but hopefully with just a little more content than some of the other published versions)

  13. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (A contemporary guitar-based setting of the traditional plainsong Advent hymn)

  14. Hold Me, Baby (A disco-style CCM song, with a certain sensitivity)

  15. The Lord Bless You and Keep You (A four-part unaccompanied setting of the Aaronic blessing from Numbers 6, verses 24-26, which can also be used as a unison setting with accompaniment)

  16. May Your Holy Word (A new hymn based on 2 Timothy 3, verses 14-17)

  17. All The Ends Of The Earth (A liturgical setting of psalm 22, verses 22-30)

  18. An Eagle's Wings (A slow solo ballad with lyrics by Jenn Erickson)

  19. We Need Your Rain To Come Down! (A new song of yearning for revival, with excellent lyrics by Jason Mitchener)

  20. We Are All Called To Be Saints (An energetic worship song specifically written for all-age worship on All Saints Day)

  21. I Talked To The Trees (A joyful song about the glory of creation, perhaps for a children's choir)

  22. Benedictus (This setting of the Morning Prayer canticle,the Song of Zechariah in Luke 1,68-79, was written for congregation and soloist/soloists.

  23. Novocaine (A congregational rock hymn/song on the Christian response to pain and suffering)

  24. Resurrection Day! (A medium-paced rock hymn/song for the Easter season, developed from excellent lyrics posted by John Merrick to the Christian Songwriters' Group mailing list)

  25. The Prize Is Worth It All (the title says it all - a powerful country-style song/hymn by Tim Barber, linking 1 Corinthians 9 v24 with central themes from Revelation)

  26. I Thank God For You (an excellent Christian wedding/love song by Phillip Wages, written specially for the marriage of close friends)

  27. Carols, All Too Familiar (a reflective but passionate song on the experience of Christmas)

  28. Your Prayers, Your Love, Your Witness (a gentle ballad of Christian support and fellowship)

  29. You Are The Christ (a vigorous new hymn by Paul Lepine based on Peter's words in Matthew 16:16 and John 6:68)

  30. The Coming Of The Light (a great "Advent" song of celebration by Tim Barber)

  31. Break Not The Circle (a visionary hymn with a "celtic" feel - words by Fred Kaan)

  32. When the Herald Angels Sang (a new carol with excellent words, linking the old and new)

  33. It's Jesus, The Lover Of My Soul (a slow-paced guitar-based worship song by Tim Barber)

  34. Take Comfort,My People (a gentle but prophetic song for Advent)

  35. Gleneagles (a congregational keyboard/guitar-based setting of the Holy Communion Service - ASB Rite A)

  36. In The World (A song of questioning linked to Matthew 5, 43-48)

  37. Now It Begins (A meditative song exploring Mary's feelings after the Annunciation)

  38. Thank You, My Jesus (A gentle song of thanksgiving by Larry Holder)

  39. Love Is The Word (An exuberant song of faith by Ken Okines)

  40. Don't Let Me Walk Alone (A hymn for times of trouble)

  41. O My Land, If Only You Could Know (A hymn of lament and hope for the nation)

  42. Caribbean Lord's Prayer (A fresh treatment of a setting that too often sounds turgid and lifeless)

  43. Don't Break Me Open (A strong ballad on risking the way of the Cross)

  44. We Approach Your Throne, Lord (A hymn of approach in the making - make your own contribution!)

  45. Two Thousand Years (A finger-picking electric folk-style song on the relevance of the Crucifixion and Resurrection today)

  46. Son Of Man (An excellent Sydney Carter song that deserves to be much better known - deals subtly with the paradox of Jesus being both God and man)

  47. Arrangements of Traditional Hymns (Something a bit different - "Immortal, Invisible", "All Creatures of our God and King" and "Be Thou My Vision" in new settings of the well-known tunes)

  48. Son Of The Carpenter (Be There) (A hymn of prayer for God's forgiveness and Jesus' presence - by Ivor Sperrings and Peter Sharrocks)

  49. In The Beginning (A driving "rap-beat" hymn exploring God's creation and man's denial of him)

  50. You Walk Together (A meditative song affirming mutual support in the love of Christ)

  51. Be At Every Family Table (A hymn of prayer for God's presence in every part of life)

  52. Everybody, Praise The Lord! (A Caribbean-style praise song, suitable for children)

  53. O Worship The Lord In The Beauty Of Holiness (Not the traditional hymn, but a new responsorial praise song)

  54. Now They Are Taken (A slow meditative solo song for during or immediately after communion)

  55. My Strength Shall Be Renewed (A new worship song by Barry Adams, based on Isaiah 40:31)

  56. O Jerusalem (a strong ballad, ideal for Palm Sunday, with imaginative lyrics by Derrick Barber)

  57. Feed Us Now (a challenging folk-rock hymn by Peter Allen - good, thought-provoking words)

  58. When I Look Around Me (a fast-paced communion hymn - one of the last by the late Fr Gerard (Geoffrey) Beaumont, with excellent words by Lesley Ellison)

  59. Take The Bread (a folk-style communion motet for soloist/choir - deceptively simple but powerful words)

  60. So Many Things (a medium-paced hymn exploring the meaning of Holy Communion)

  61. What A Surprise! (a children's action song, based on St Paul's conversion)

  62. Lord, Make Me Love (a medium-paced modern hymn, based on I Corinthians 13)

  63. Lord, I Believe (a rock song in Beach Boys style, based on Matthew 16 verses 24-26)

  64. Moths into a Flame (a medium rock song exploring the central paradox of Christianity - "losing life to gain it")

  65. Hymn of Creation (a modern hymn for soloist/choir/congregation based on a prayer of St John Chrysostom and originally written for a "naming and blessing" service)

  66. Shadow of Calvary (a contemporary song/carol by Rob Cox, bridging the old and new)

  67. Father in Heaven (a modern setting of a new Lord's Prayer paraphrase)

  68. So Hard to Stay Close (a driving rock song exploring the pressures of Jesus' situation)

  69. What Does The Lord Require? (a folk-rock setting of a strong hymn based on Micah 6)

  70. I Don't Know Where I Am Going (a folk-hymn of confession)

  71. Let Every Tongue Confess (a four-part round for worship use)

  72. I and I Alone (a song in three-part harmony with excellent lyrics)

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