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PLEASE NOTE: Abandoned cars should no longer should be an issue, since all local
governments in London since 2 weeks ago are offering car owners free
disposal of their car. Operation Scrap-it - tackling abandoned and
untaxed cars in London http://www.alg.gov.uk/doc.asp?doc=11315&cat=937 this page was created in the year 2001 and is left here for purely artistic purposes. thanks to Gerard of Manor Park for pointing this out

Abandoned Cars


This part of the Manor Park Website is dedicated to cars which are left, presumed abandoned, in the street.

You may be thinking this is a strange subject to highlight and you're probably right. Abandoned cars are generally considered a nuisance, dangerous ugly pices of scrap metal , occupying valuable parking space. They are also just a little bit intriguing. Why is one window smashed? Who are the people who remove the wheels? If they have been abandoned after a theft, then why doesn't the owner or insurance company recover them? What happens after the council finally get around to taking them away?

Anyway, here is the first subject - a rather splendid Jaguar XJ with no tax disc. The council slapped an "Abandoned Vehicle" notice on it so unless the owner does something soon I expect it will be destroyed


Outside the Cemetery - where do you slap the "abandoned" notice on this one?

Beauty Spot.

Carefully Balanced

In the river

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